Tuesday, December 20, 2005

just one of those 'swabe' moments..

it just feels so nice and clean when you make poopoo and there's no dirt on the toilet paper after you swiped it through your ass..hahaha! yeah..swabe..it doesn't happen all the time! (i bet right at this moment you're tryin' to remember the last time you had this experience! or you're probably just nodding thinkin'--"yeah, it doesn't happen all the time.." :D)

la lang..na share ko lang...comfy pre-lunch banyo tambay session.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


i'm not much for surprises..i thought it was 1 kg of M&Ms :D..liez just got back from her 9-month stay in the US..no M&Ms..she gave me this instead as pasalubong----1..2..3..

tadah! yey! tenkyu tenkyu liez! :D debede debede debede debede.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

..thoughts for the season..

-i can go home for christmas. i guess this is enough to make the holidays more fun :)
-no more wishlists.
-i'll make tacos and ensaladang mangga on my birthday.
-should i go whitewater rafting?
-live concerts dvd marathon :D
-tawanan sessions..
-franzia, the 3-liter wine pack..yeah..excellent when mixed with coke or sprite.
-the fresh seafood..the lechon..the kinilaw..
-oh no i'm turning 25..
-which to bring home..penny or kristi?
-shouldn't be late for sunday service on christmas day.
-drive around town and soundtrippin'
-hope there's fruitcake back home
-ham too.
-what to get for siblings, cousins and friends..(madugo to)
-no more buyin stuff for me hehehe...
-donate drum throne to church.
-have more patience next year
-trust GOd more. :)

-to be continuation hehe..gutom na ako..hello tektite canteen. barat corporate worker in the house.

kajologan nga..

there's a 'jesus' poster in a katipunan jeep showing 'jesus' wearin' a fit polo and jeans with a cellphone on one hand sayin--"will you be my textmate?" tae. ganun na ba ka-jologs yung mga tao ngayun?!?! cguro nga..mukha pang bading yung 'jesus' na yun..talo pa babae sa kulay ng lips..parang nag lipstick na, nag lip gloss pa! bading smile pa..yaaak. kadiri.

haay..kakahiya naman kay Jesus... talo pa yung 'jesus on a harley davidson' eh..


Friday, December 09, 2005

me? nooo..yeah...

You Are an Indie Rocker!

You are in it for the love of the music...
And you couldn't care less about being signed by a big label.
You're all about loving and supporting music - not commercial success.
You may not have the fame and glory, but you have complete control of your career.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


kumain ako sa cravings for lunch. salad buffet at beef & oxe tongue na main course. sarap. pero lalong sumarap kase....LIBRE! andyan kasi si papa. nilibre kami ni unkel..tenkyu unkel. sa uulitin haha.

ayun wala lang..balik na ako sa office ulet. =) ang galing talaga ni GOD mgpakain hehe..

Friday, November 18, 2005

bato again..

i got this from johnny hof's blog hehehe

10 years ago I was...
in my hometown studyin 3rd year highschool, hangin out during breaks on our school's 4th floor with my bestbud, watching our other classmate making 'da muvs' on a sophomore girl on third floor hehehe. it's only been a little while then since i learned to play guitar, learning mostly church songs and THE CASCADES tunes. cool huh?! hahaha..unbelievable. i was a choir boy too!

5 years ago I was...

a junior student in college. just broke up with my ex a day ago nyaak. it was the dark days..the failing days. my brain probably tripped and made me think 5's the highest grade in UP =p. it's good though that i didn't get kicked off from 'the college of architorture.'

i came in late from the office coz i came home late from hangin out with macz at starbux the previous night.i took a nap in the coffeshop while the data-bassist did some work. i went to binondo in the afternoon with my boss to see if there are cheaper lighting fixtures around..indeed binondo is the place for cheap stuff,. and good food.

5 snacks I like...

1) pringles 2) popcorn 3) prawn crackers 4) pizza & pasta 5) dimsums

5 things I would do w/ $100M...
build a house, build a resthouse by the beach, buy a yacht, furnish a recording studio, buy a car, buy a sportsbike, buy jam gear, donate money to church, orphanages and educational institutions, send love gifts to missionaries, treat parents to a grand vacation. eat the best buffet in town with friends, put 75% of it in the bank :D

5 places I would run away to...
cagayan de oro, tagaytay, palawan beach, ayala heights music room, one of the churches i've been to :)

5 things I would never wear...
spandex, thong, tight-fit denims, spike bracelets and chokers, a 'cueshe' shirt hahaha!

5 favorite TV shows/entertainment...
samurai x, friends, live concert shows, CSI, spin city

5 bad habits...

skip..di ko ma explain mahirap hahaha.

5 biggest joys...

family, tropang jam for breakfast, special friends, friends, and life with God =D

5 favorite toys...
penny, the 'new' one, the lunchbox, the pc, and the discman.

5 fictional characters I would date...
mary jane watson-kirsten dunst, lady guenevierre-keira knightley, alex mack..la na akong maisip..

if i had money to burn :)

i'm gonna front my living room with these..mwahaha!

Monday, November 14, 2005

afternoon chat with THE luthier

it was a pleasant sunday afternoon. i brought in a newly acquired guitar to master luthier arie hipolito to have it reconditioned and set up.

so there i was waiting for a few minutes at his living area, browsing a gibson guitars catalogue before he came down to check the axe. i think i woke him up from his afternoon nap. oh well..

i was observing the way he examined the guitar and listened carefully to the things he said. it's quite amazing how he can tell the condition of the guitar by the details. i won't elaborate coz it's hard to explain in writing. hehehe.

then we talked about different guitars, local artists with these super expensive gear. he mentioned about tata of southborder owning a +-$4500 bass, carlo of freestyle hassled by philippine customs for having shipped a Philip Kubicki Factor bass, rey valera wandering why his brand new signature series ovation's neck bent prior to use, etc..

a few other guitar chats before we shifted to talking about our christian lives. yes, the country's master luthier is one of God's workers. now ain't that nice. sir arie did most of the talking though, from how he became a believer to his struggles in the music ministry and how he recently found a church that suits his way of worship. he's now part of the worship of a baptist church.

It was fun listening to his life story. it was a blessing. praise be to GOd indeed.

i had this guilty feeling though after we talked coz i missed church yesterday..i pray God would protect my new property (still nameless) as He did penny and icy.

oh, i'd be saying goodbye to icy soon...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

serbei serbei

01. What is your favorite word? drive =p
02. What is your least favorite word? talong. (but i love the plant! sarap :D)
03. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? women..este..MUSIC! yeah! music..
04. What turns you off? slackers
05. What is your favorite curse word? no comment..(nakakastumble)

06. What sound or noise do you love? sax. discman tunes.
07. What sound or noise do you hate? boses ng palengkeras
08. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? rock guru

09. What profession would you not like to do? septic tank cleaner.
10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? "ey kid, good job there..jamming tayo"


A - Age: below25
B - Band Listening To Right Now: wala..

C - Career: designer
D - Drink or Smoke: drink iced tea and that imus punch :)
E - Easiest Friends To Talk To: macz, ortz, spy, liez, sherie, pat.

F - Favorite Song/s at the moment: the setting sun, angel in disguise, little superhero girl
G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: gummy bears :D
H - Have a boyfriend: hindi ako bading.
I - In love: it's complicated wahaha!

J - Junk Food You Like: v-cut, nibbles, tostillas and nova. kung imported, tostitos, doritos and cheetos..PRINGLES!!
K - Kids: wala
L - Longest Ride Ever: 12 hour trip to ilocos.
M - My Favorite Sports: billiards
N - Names For Your Future Kids: number 7 and 13 mwehehe.
O - One Wish You Have Now: own my dream axe and amp.
P - Phobias: butiki yaki yaki

Q - Favorite Quote: "'wag kang ISKWATER!"
R - Reasons To Smile: God's grace and humor
S - Sleeping Hours: 12am-8am? WOW! 8 hours!
T - Time You Woke Up: before 7am today.
U - Unknown Fact About You: hehehehe..
V - Vegetable You Hate: celery..pero kinakain ko pa rin minsan.
W - Worst Habit: i'm shy..skip skip..
X - X-rays You've Had: x-ray sa baga..para nung freshmen enrollment..at sabi pa ng infirmary may acute TB daw ako! walanghiya pumunta pa akong heart center para pa x-ray ulit..tapos wala naman daw..bwiset.

Y - Yummy Foods: chicken, salads, salmon, makis, seafood..lamb..beef..fruits..yeah.
Z - Zodiac Sign: capricornik

all i want for christmas..

sigh..wonder wonder wonder..pwede rin 'to =p


Friday, October 07, 2005

liesegang-- project band.

yung LIESEGANG, brand yun ng LCD projector. wala talaga kaming pangalan..ayun.

from lep to rayt--macz/bass, kevz-2nd keyboards, verlonn/guitars, regi/first keyboards/leader 1, kaka/guitars, milton/drums

umuwi na si milton kaya wala na sya sa pikchur pikchur.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

ehem...sa pagiging SINGEL.

ng usap kami ng boss ko kahapon over lunch. at napunta kami sa tanung na--"kelan ka mgpapakasal?"-- wow. malalim. sabi ko di ko alam..ngayun pa nama'y unti unti nang nawawala yung pangarap kong mgakaroon ng sariling pamilya. ..di ko alam kung bakit.. cguro kahit papano, na eenjoy ko ang pagiging single. ..at cguro dahil sa crisis din ng bayan, dapat lng cguro maging single muna.. kasi dodoble ang gastusin pg ngkaroon ng gelpren.(kung may mgsabing hindi totoo tong huling sinabi ko, isa kang sinungaling*, o kaya isa kang mokong na di pa ngka gelpren eber. ).

nyak..napunta sa pgkakaroon ng gelpren.. hmm..

hindi ko naman i dedeny na naiisip ko pa ring 'manligaw' ulit...kung panu kaya pag ngka gelpren ako ulit.. pero parang wala na akong clue masyado kung anu ang mangyayari kasi medyo nasasanay na rin ako sa pagiging singel(sadya tong ispelling). yung tipong wala ka nang itetext na iba kung saan ka pupunta.... di mo na kelangang mgpa alam..at walang na-dyadyahe. .. wala nang nagtatampo. at makakaTIPID ka na sa text kasi wala ka nang babatiing 'GMORNING at GNYT' araw araw. ..teka.. parang dumami ata yung binabati ko ng ganun nung wala na akong gelpren... hmmm.... WAHAHA! joke. (half meant) ehem, ehem..

eeniwei, ayun.. kung darating man yung panahon na mgkakaroon ulit ng sumthing fishy with some fish, eh di masaya..kung wala man, masaya pa rin! :D


plug: jam for breakfast @ KBCF oct. 15--SINGLES fellowship visions & missions launch. 7pm.

*sinungaling--- isang engers na in denial sa katotohanan at kelangan ng boteng sarsing ipukpok sa ulo.

Friday, September 30, 2005

the southpark jam faction!

jam for breakfast. live in southpark...galing northpark..nyeeerrrkkkkzzz.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

yey the southpark me!

thanks to the 'one who sent me the "message"', di ulit ako na bore! hehe

*mga pinag gagawa ni kax nung isang araw nung wala sya masyadong ginagawa..

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

yey :)

nakausap ko na siya. yey :D

senti mode off.

jam mode on..active at 6pm.


Friday, September 23, 2005

kelan kaya..

kelan kaya ulit tyo mkpgusap..hmm..na isip ko lng..

senti mode..


walang aangal.

miss na kita..


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

si gladz.

si gladz ay housemate ko..pero hindi roomate.

may washing machine sya!(bagay sa word yung blue na color kasi may water ang washing machine at BLUE ang kulay ng crystals ng tide.labo.)

mahilig kumanta..ng tell me where it hurts..

nakaka LSS..

malakas mang asar..

pero bihirang manalo..

kelangan pa nya..si bespren nez para effective ang pang aasar nya sa akin :D


naalala ko si sheryn regis (tama ba spelling? bahala na.) pg nakikita ko si gladz..at naririnig kumanta..mwehehe

isa syang masiyahing tao..

at sa mga araw na 'to'y medyo kakaiba ang saya nya..

parang may kasamang kilig. tuwing may ka txt sya na di ko kilala..

nkakapgtaka minsan kung bkit 'ganyan' sya ngumiti habang ng tetext..

hmm.. in lab ata sya..ewan ko lang.. di ko na aalamin.

ayan si gladz.


Friday, September 09, 2005

issues on love and poop. ayus.

forwarded message:

"smtyms,we fol nluv n d wrng plce...at d wrng tym...w/d wrng prson 4 d wrong rison...pwede na, kesa matatae ka at d wrong place at d wrong tym na walng tisue!?"

ayus. di ko alam kung anung mas ok..hmm..well mas mabilis mkapag move on pg nka tae ka na... pero mas kontrolado mo ang 'tension' ng pg hihiwalay if things aint working out anymore in a relationship...may solusyon naman sa lahat ng poblema.

-mas mabilis solusyunan pag natatae ka..expert na ako dyan. mas pressured nga lng kasi bawat segundo ay mahalaga...try nyo hehe.

*things to ponder when you're bored...***

and to the one who sent me this, salamat..for a moment nawala yung antok ko :D

Thursday, September 08, 2005

GOd, You always have sumthing good for me to see :D

as we were rehearsing with the cast for our church production last nyt, i couldn't help but notice that one of them looked like the 'x'. even if the past is done, that doesn't change the fact that the 'x' still has a pretty face.. hehe..so there i was telling macoy that that girl from the cast looked like her.

ayun si kax..naka upo..ngpapahinga..nakatingin. *blink *blink.

then as we were on our way home, orton's girlfriend cai, the ever 'bongga' cai, out of nowhere, told me this--"huuuy..may napansin ako..kamukha ng 'x' mo yung katabi ko sa cast! kaya ka cguro laging nakatingin dun no! hihi.."

then everyone laughed..macz was also in the van and we were talking about that earlier...and ortz probably noticed it too..hahahahaha.

i was like...ahhh..."napansin mo rin? hehe..eh kung kamukha naman talaga eh! huuuy...wag kayong ganun..saka meron na akong gusto....(hihihihi)"

cai: ah..yung ___________________DI KO NA ITUTULOY. DELIKADO.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

ok to ..pampalipas oras..ayus.

Seven things that scare you:
1. BUTIKI. yiiii.
2. giant badings
3. freaky clowns
4. creepy dolls
5. wan chai close down
6. separation of mindanao hahaha
7. extreme thrill rides.

Seven things you like the most:
1. inspiring sermons
2. band rehearsals and gigs!
3. starbux tambays
4. barkada food trip
5. family get togethers
6. movies
7. beach!

Seven important things in your room:
1. cd player (pampatulog)
2. digicam (pag di pa nakatulog matapos makinig ng cd)
3. kama
4. kumot (na ginagawang unan)
5. damit
6. unan
7. product manuals (mas masarap basahin kesa nobela)

Seven random facts about you:
1. i like to hangout in the bathroom..either mag muni muni, ituloy ang biting tulog, quiet time..ng ploplot ng scenario..etc.. hehe
2. madaling ma touch sa drama shows kung mag isang nanonood.
3. jam junkie
4. foodtrip champion (basta mura)
5. mahilig sa sneakers and jeans
6. can cook..but somebody has to wash the utensils afterwards hehe.
7. adik sa internet.

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. camp in the biggest guitar shop in the world
2. get married (nyehehe)
3. jam with my kids.
4. go to japan and eat the best tempura and maki on earth.
5. reach out to more people.
6. own a big multimedia company!
7. ay! play with major ccm artists :D

Seven things you can do:
1. skip sleeping hours
2. jam for hours.
3. go to hotel to just use their bathroom :D
4. make the best ensaladang mangga
5. burp at will hahaha
6. eat a lot for a week and not gain a pound.
7. flirt around and still seem friendly :D hahahaha!!!

Seven things you can't do:
1. walk slow
2. drive 'very' slow
3. smoke & do drugs
4. wear hiphop clothing.
5. not talk to anyone for a day
6. breakdance
7. quit music

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:(hmm..interesting..! )
1. overall physical appearance hehe
2. chic personality
3. being able to look stunning in cheap clothes.
4. nice sense of humor
5. good musical inclination--can play a musical intrument WELL.
6. smile
7. skin wehehe. nose--diko type ang mdyo pango..yayks.

Seven things you say the most:
2. anu ba...(pg naiirita konte..)
3. haaay...layp...(pag windang)
4. anu yan?...(pg nanggugulo sa nanonood ng teleserye)
5. oi. (pg naghahanap ng kausap)
6. cge pards ingat.
7. tadjakan kita jan eh..(pg may humirit ng sablay hehe)

Seven celeb crushes (whether local or foreign):
1. aiza marquez
2. barbie almalbis (you make me feel...)
3. heart evangelista
4. rachel leigh cook
5. keira knightly
6. bea alonzo
7. bridgette moynahan

Seven people you want to see to take this quiz:
1. macz
2. sherie
3. jorem
4. liez
5. pat
6. gladz
7. karmel & karen (counted as one) hehe

Friday, September 02, 2005

matindi na to...8 palang?!?!

yesterday, i was the first to arrive in the office..same case today..only earlier!! 8 lang eh!! aiaiai..this is not me!! bakit pg puyat ako mas nakakagising ako?!!?...

maybe God is making me pay for my tardiness the past week and early this week..hmm.. ok na rin..quits :D


Thursday, September 01, 2005

ha! di ako late!

got here at 8:30 sharp! wow..ako palang yung tao sa office! kakapanibago..hmm..san kaya yung iba..oh well..antok pa ako.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

he ain't your type right?!?..sheesh..=)

i had a bonding session with my siblings last monday nyt at starbucks megastrip. getting together on a weekday nyt is rare for us coz everyone usually has stuff to do..mel's likely to have an overtime at work, lyn has to study for sumthin, karen's gonna study too..me, i'm either home, in the rehearsal studio, or somewhere else..karen's leaving on friday so we decided to meet and just chat..

chat chat chat... then one of my sisters starts textin..

me: 'who you textin?'
sister: '_______. why?'
me: 'do u always txt? hmm?!?!'
sister: (weird facial expression) raises eyebrows and looks at the ceiling..
me: 'why? ha? ha? ha?...do u like him?!!? do u feel sumthin for him??!?' (naughty smile)
sister: 'I DON'T KNOW..'
me: 'hah. i don't know=yes. admit it. if you ain't got feelings then you could've said NO,.. quickly..haha'


i have to admit, it felt a bit uncomfortable to know that my sister may actually like the guy..i was playing 'what if' situations in my head..oh well..big brother syndrome?!? i dunno..

but this i know..

the guys most women fall for, rarely fit the description of their so called 'ideal guy'...i wonder why..hahaha.

Monday, August 29, 2005

oi, musta? hanggang dyan nalang...muna.

kung may crush ka sa isang tao at unti unting nagiging like mo na sya...

at nafee-feel mo nang gustong ligawan yung tao, ..

hoi. mag isip ka muna. nag konsulta ka na ba kay bespren J? at ngpaalam ka na rin ba kay tatay Lord kung pwede na ba?!?!! huwag na HUWAG mong sasabihin este pangunahan (ay, corny wahihi=p) tong dalawa kasi mayayari ka talaga..hindi ganun kadali ang mkipag relasyon sa opposite sex..at kung mgka 'relasyon' ka man, DAPAT lang sa opposite sex. bawal ang same sex. KADIRI ka pg type mo yung ganun..imagine mo to---yeeeeEEEEEKKKhxhzz.

*ewan ko ba kung bakit ko to sinusulat*

anyway, ayun..maraming factors ang kelangan i-consider..ok ba si mommy at si daddy sa ganung bagay? nasa tamang pag-iisip ka na ba?(di ka na ba TOTOY?!?) ..may naiipon ka na bang pang date nyo?!?! wg ka namng humingi sa parents mong extra cash para pang date..(kung estudyante ka pa)..matuto kang mag tipid..kung marami ka pang bibilhing epex at gitara tulad ko, wag ka muna mg date para di ka manghihinayang sa gastos wahahaha..

hindi lang to naka address sa mga lalake..kayo ding mga babae. wag kayong pauto sa mga mababait na guys na ngpapacute sa inyo..kasi lahat ng lalake, khit yung mga jologs at hayupin ang ugali, mababait pg may intensyun.."what are your intentions?!?!" mwehehe..feel ko lang i singit :D..ayun.

at kahit 'christian' man yang mga type nyo, check nyo pa rin yung ugali kung mgkakasundo kayo..di porke christian 'sya', "God's will" na!! tange...God's will is not a person. it's what He wants you to do or where He wants you to be to get sumthin done for His glory..wow! nkapg share ako!

mahaba na..tintamad na ko..di ko na alam kung panu tatapusin to..di naman kasi ako creative sa mga blog blog na to at sa pgsusulat mismo..

SELOSO/SA..kasi di talaga kayo mgtatagal..unless..pareho kayong makikitid mg-isip na pgka ngkaroon na ng labidabs ay iniiwan na ang mga friends at gumagawa ng sariling earth. .bad trip yung ganun..pero may ng susurvive. wg nyo naman itabi yung friends nyo..at babalikan nyo nlng pg ng break kayo..kasi oras na nilapitan nyo yung mga iniwan nyo at dinalhan nyo ng ganyang balita, iisa lang ang nasa isip ng mga yun---BUTI NGA SA'YO. syempre, di namin sasabihin yun, kasi lalong sasama ang loob mo. wawa ka naman. hehehe..gusto mo ba yan?!?!!

ayan..last na yun...alam ko na kung bakit ko to naisulat...


oi, musta? hanggang dyan nalang ako..muna....mwehehe..

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

may pintuan naman kami eh..nakasara lang.

intro: yung office ng company nahati sa dalawa. naging law office yung isa. hindi na under sa company yung staff dun..pero may access pa rin galing sa law office papunta sa amin. nakiki banyo nga yung taga dun dito..anyway,

may nakabalot na chain with padlock yung door namin pag dating ko..so pumasok ako sa law office door..ayun.

kaka to staff: pwede makiraan?

staff: (mdyo nag isip pa..) sarado ba sa inyo?!?

kaka: (sarcastic) HINDE! feel ko lang makidaan sa office nyo kasi ang ganda ng carpet!!

nah.., that's not what i said..i simply replied --"o po." haynaku..

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

pare, pa kiss naman sa cheeks..yeeeeaaaak.

biyernes. araw ng gimikan. pero hindi ako gumimik. kumain lang ako sa sbarro..mahal pala dun..walang hiyang sbarro yan..ginawang large yung drinks ko na di ko naman sinabi..saka yung half zitty (tama ba?), di man lng ako pinaramdam ng kabusugan..kahit man lng sana na feel ko na ng da-digest yung tyan ko ng 'food'. pero masarap sya. period.

hindi talaga ito ang main topic ko. malamang ngtataka na kayo kng bakit ganun ang title..

kase, ganito yun..

nung bumaba na kami ng jeep ng kasama ko (minsan lang naman akong loner eh =) ), may napansin kaming bading(pero bihis tao)..na parang may kausap sa kabilang daan..meron nga!! isang taga mcdo..manager ata(so in uniform)..anyway, while i was making pansin the situation, parang super excited na silang mgkasama sa same side of the road ..wahaha..ang corny naman pero ganun nga..so tawid na kami..tawid na rin si bading..tapos ..... tan tarantantan!! biglang nag kiss sa cheeks ni mcdo bading!! eeeyaaaak!! parang kilig na kilig sila!! wahaha..mdyo dumilat yung mga mata namin nung nakita namin ang act..but oh well.. ng tawanan nalng kami at nglokohan sa lines na (in husky male voice) "pare, ang bango mo naman ngayun!", "ang pogi naman ng boypren ko!", at ang walang kamatayang--"pare, pwedeng pa-KISS?!?!?"

eew. ayun.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

unsa mani bai?!?

kung way lingaw sa opis, kung wa kayoy buhaton, kung gahulat sa pradak dimunstrisyuns, mag type type nalang sa ug bisan unsa basta lang dili mag tangaay kay laay jud nang mag tangaay. haynaku. kaon kog 'okoy' ganiha pards..ambot nganung okoy na ang tawag sa gagmay nga ulang nga gipang pilit pilit sa harina bana o itlog..ambut uy pero lami baya..medyo katul lang usahay sa tilaok. pero oks ra kay giparisan man ug COKZ..kanang supdrinkz ba..dghan man klasi cokz..naay isprayt ug royal, naa say cokz nga pepsi, mirinda ug mawntin dyu. ayus bai. juker lagi ning mdyo naka istambay ta ba kay mgsuwat suwat nalang lagi ta bahin sa atong kinabuhi hehe..hala uy..sakto na kay maabtan tag payb pijis ani. kanang mura gug essay..kahinumdom man sad tag hayskul ani nga ipasulat tag essay nga at least 500 werds..uki, sunud nasad. sa makasabot lng hahaha!!


Tuesday, August 09, 2005


parang ang sarap talaga mag "haynaku.." it;s my favorite expression..though ang madalas kong nasasabi ay "haaay..." mas maikli kasi ehehe..universal to..pag masarap ang pagkain, "haay..sarap!", pag najejebs, "haynaku, patay..", pg nakita ang crush, "haynaku. ang cute cute mo..sana mg break na kayo.." ay, di kasama yung huli mwehehe. maraming napapaggamitan tong "haynaku" na to..tulad ngayon,.."haynaku, inaantok pa ako at walang magawa kaya ngsusulat nalang ng..HAYNAKU walang kwentang post."

may naisip ako. di kaya ibig sabihin ng "haynaku" ay "HAY na 'ko" as in "HIGH na ako" ?!!? hmm..haynaku.

Monday, August 08, 2005


on having work: "kakatamad gumising..yey aircon..yey dsl..yey kind officemates..yey no uniform!!" "sana may cute sa elevator!!haha!!"

on tummy troubles: "oh God spare me this trouble..but if you will it, let me at least find a good 'dropzone' on time..hehe"

on being in a band: "wow saya!! pwedeng araw arawin. kung may sponsor lang sa rehearsal costs :D"

on food: "1 steamed lumpia, 1 siopao special, atsaka pwede pahingin chaa? tenkyu, :D" "1 sisig, 1 crispy pata, 1 adobong kangkong, 1 baked mussels, 5 rice and 5 iced tea..tenkyu"

on starbux: "o macz, order ka na hahaha..mgkaka-bag ka na ba ulit?"

on dating: "kkb tayo. kahit sa pamasahe. wala na akong pera." "bawal madalas mag date..lalo na pag...mwehehe"

on being a rockstar: "ewan. di ako rockstar. for the Lord ito hehe.."

on sheri's earrings: "ganda nito ah..kaya mo bang ganito tapos ganito, tapos hindi naka twirl yung dulo? pero ok yan. ganda. hihihi!"

on jorem's photography: "galing a. mgkano yan? mgkano to? ok ba yan? wow. wan chai?

on pretty guitars: "mas bagay kayong nakasabit sa kwarto ko. pero di kayo kayang ampunin. bwiset."

on 'selected' perfect pitch attendants: "haynaku. alam mo ba talaga yang binebenta nyo?!!? sinong niloloko nyo?!!?"

on the 'ate' in audiophile: bakit di ka mukhang excited sa customers? lagi kang mukhang walang buhay. smile ka naman. yan..saka..pwede pa try nito? ehehe.."

on our house: "nakakatamad tong bahay na 'to..sarap tulugan yung sofa. wahihi..uh oh..looks like i need to defrost the refrigeratorister."

on nez's and gladz's daily teleserye viewing: "ah, anu yan? sino yan? kaano-ano sya ni kuwan? bakit sila ganyan? anu na ba nangyayari? iskwater naman ng acting nyan..ba't ang corny?!? uyyy, kyut yan ha..hehe. sila na ba? ha? ha?!?"

on tita susan: "hi tita! ang sarap naman ng food! next time 'surprise' ulit kami ha! para 'kunwari' di ka nakapghanda hehehe :D thank you po!"

la na akong maisip. sunod ulit. ay eto --a: "what ____________? me: "wala. i just ____________..tadjakan kita jan eh."
i just had to let this one out :D bow.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

maybe u wanna use my gel-pen?

as i entered one of megamall's restrooms to make mumug and get some chickenjoy bits off between my teeth, i found myself beside some 'sumkinda bading' guy. well, it's not unusual anymore to have badings share restrooms with guys..they;re guys too anyway..just kinda twisted... di na pinapansin yun. but this one did sumthin that almost got me bursting into laughter. dang. while i was rinsing my mouth, he was like fixing his goatie! may patingin tingin pa sa side kung pantay ba. pati rin ata kilay. (ANUNG INAAYUS SA KILAY?!?) parang naka gel ata yung goatie nya eh! wahaha!! eh di tanggal tinga pa rin ako..mumug mumug, tingin sa salamin..tapos itong katabi ko, WHOA! nglabas ng lip gloss! mdyo nahiya pa kasi napansin nya atang mdyo napapansin ko sya..eeew..pero ito yung malala pare, WHOA WHOA!! nglabas ng eyebrow pencil! INAPPLY SA BABA. WALANGHIYA! para cguro mas makapal tignan yung goatie nya! gustung gusto ko na sabihin eh --PARDS, ITO O, DONG-A GELPEN, MAS MAKAPAL MAG DRAWING NG BIGOTE :D haynaku. wahahay..