Friday, December 29, 2006

birthday iterinary

1. wake up early (hopefully) and head to LTO to renew license.

2. meet aaron and gladys before lunch.

3. have lunch. (pray that jordan can bring drums in the evening).

4. buy taco shells.

5. go home and mince tomatoes, onion and green mangoes.

6. setup living room for jamming.

7. meet macoy.

8. eat, drink (coke) and be merry.

9. jam, drink and be merry.

10. hangout somewhere (kung may energy pa)

and be merry..

yey :D

Friday, December 22, 2006

my new lunchbox :D

i got my new lunchbox yesterday! fits 3 sandwiches :D and fits in my backpack! yey! happy happy! :D i just hope airport security won't mistake it for a guncase :D

Thursday, December 21, 2006

bad trip. haha..

agenda: get repaired guitar at paco manila and bring brownies to ateneo.

modes of transportation: sneakers, jeepney, lrt2, taxi

procedure: ride jeep at east ave. to aurora. ride lrt2 to pureza station. walk to nagtahan bridge and ride jeepney to paco manila. retrieve guitar.

ride jeep to sta. mesa. walk to pureza station, ride lrt2 to cubao station. walk to sm dept. store and buy brownies. ride cab to ateneo. drop of brownies and guitar.

ride jeep to UP campus. ride pantranco. ride cubao-kalayaan. walk home.

tiring afternoon..the only good thing about it was i got to wear shorts..:)

can't wait to fly home..

Monday, December 18, 2006

remembering kasner..

no, he ain't dead..he's just somewhere very inaccessible..

you see, kasner is my cousin whom i used to play with when i was a lot younger. he's our game master, the tropa leader..whenever we play hide and seek during family gatherings, everyone wants to go with him to hide. he clowned around and made us little kids laugh our hearts out with his funny acts and stories.

a few years after things have changed..he did some stuff that weren't right. one mistake led to another..i knew he was given a chance to make up for the wrong he'd done but it wasn't long before he went on again with being 'bad'..

it felt sad then to know that our 'childhood champion' wasn't gonna be around anymore..i never saw him for more than 10 years already..i just hear of his whereabouts from time to time..

today is his birthday..i don't know how many in the family remembers it but i do. so ahia kakas, wherever you are, happy birthday :)..i know it ain't fun there but i hope today has brought you something to smile about. i pray for your safety and redemption. i hope to see you again :) God bless.



Sunday, December 17, 2006

tiny cactus and poema at gcf north

saya :) tagal lang natapos hehe.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

some moment that made my day :D

cguro sa dinami dami ko nang napanood na commercial, minsan feeling ko may mga instances sa buhay na parang pang commercial ang dating..hehe

nung papasok akong tektite basement parking kanina, may pretty girl na nagdadalawang isip kung tatawid ba sya o padadaanin muna nya ako..ako naman tumigil..tas nagtaka sya kung bakit la pang car dumadaan (nakayuko kasi sya)..tas tumingin sya sa windshield (as in she looked my way haha) tas binigyan ko syang signal na mauna sya..sabay ngiti sya bago tawid..WOW! kileg! hahaha!

naisip ko yung mga commercials bigla..yung mga skin kinis products na biglang napapatigil yung guys at nagiging gentlemen kasi ang cute ng girl..

syempre, i got to play the cute guy sa situation. moohoohahaha!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

saturday evening in coffee bean

i was invited by one of my blockmates/kada in college for coffee last saturday..first time nya ever mgyaya ng tambay. so i really made time to meet him. labs ko friendsters ko eh hehe..di muna ako nag m.e. session.

anyway, there i met him at around 8:30pm right after tiny cactus rehearsals. i only had snacks so i had a muffin for dinner. wow..pero masarap yung muffin. hehe..when i got there, i was surprised na may kasama pala siya-friends of her new girlfriend. it was only then that i found out na sila na..(bilis ah, i thought hehe). so we got introduced, chatted, etc..medyo shy ako eh kaya di ako masyado nagsalita..saka nalang kami ng kwentuhan talga when his girlfriend's barkada left to get dinner. we had the usual guy talk..i listened most of the friend's kinda perky (ever since) and all excited about his newfound love..we exchanged some insights..we also talked about his past relationship..why they broke up after 5 years..hmm..ayun..

he thanked me for listening coz mahirap daw mgkwento dun sa isa naming kabarkada kasi "inuman na!" "ok lang yan" lang daw ang sinasabi hehe.."wala kang mapapala sa inuman" 'ka ko.."dragon breath lang at hangover.."

na 'me-memories' din ako sa mga ganitong usapan eh..oh well..i'm happy for him and i hope he'd have a more meaningful relationship this time..

now when will i have mine?..esep esep..

weirdong panaginip..

i dreamt of yas' debut again but it wasn't any close to what actually happened last july. it was held in the clubhouse of ayala heights that looked so much different from the real one..the place was more like a venue in tagaytay highlands..hehehe

there was the band equipment setup but nobody played through it.

i was in a formal suit. i had a date then. we danced. it felt real.. and nice. it took awhile before the dance ended. then i woke up. the same friend was in another dream a few nights before..hmm..

maybe God is telling me something...i just have to wait and see..ika nga ni abing, "wag mong hanapin, darating nalang yan." tama nga naman :D

i told a friend yesterday that i have a new girlfriend already..joke lang yun haha (bilis naman pag ganun).

p.s. may nahuling daga kaninang galing talga mag setup ni rom ng mousetrap! wawang daga, a few hours to go before rom wakes up and boils your flesh up. cheers :D

Friday, December 08, 2006

RE- application day

time to apply for board exam again! i hate application have to get your picture taken, get the necessary documents, pay fees, travel far, fall in line, sweat and dehyhdrate....sigh...

it's easier though when it's the second time around :) i already have the documents with me..but i have to 'pichur pikchur' again and photocopy some stuff and pay fees..and fall in line so long for a step in the application process that only takes 3 seconds to get it done..

but it's step-STUDY.

i went straight to my uncle's house after and will spend the night here. i figured i might just end going out again at night to hang out with some friends when i went home to the apartment.

there..nothing more to is near..i'm gonna gain more pounds soon..sigh..the tacos, the lechon, and the wine..:D

and on the senti side, aynako, screw it haha.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


lablayp time delay switch OFF.. till march 2007.

have yourself a merry little la la lala....

Saturday, December 02, 2006

home on a saturday evening...

i'm usually out on a saturday's either tambay night after a band rehearsal, gig night or barkada dinner then tambay. but tonight, i'm my uncle's place. never left the house since thursday night. lots of stuff to do here actually especially for guitar players. i've spent most of the time playing around with my uncle's guitar and amp arsenal, switching from one guitar to another, plugging them to one amp and another, finding out which combination sounds best.

but it gets boring's never as exciting as jamming with a band. here i go again..i'm missing my band(s).

ok next topic..ay, i spent equal amount of time pala on the stuff above and on the internet..yes i think i'm an internet addict..i need the internet to talk to friends about my hobbies and stuff. thank God for haha.

i'm using my sister's new laptop now..trip ko lang mag type type dito kasi malambot ang keyboard syempre, nakakatuwa gumamit paminsan ng notebook computer haha..had pizza for from sicilian express with just cheese on it..pwede..:)

hmm...i'm also missing one more thing...or person...or thing...or...could be just the dim light that's making me a li'l hazy..

haay..home on a saturday evening...better sleep early to get to church tomorrow on time..hehe

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Saturday, November 25, 2006

tiny cactus gets L.O.S.T.

we played at L.O.S.T (an evangelistic concert) last night and it was fun! mas masaya pag familiar ka sa crowd. though sayang kasi medyo may sakit si tij and wala kaming practice..could've been better. but it wasn't one of those "bwiset ang panget ng tugtugan kasi walang practice tae" i said, i had fun. it was probably the most dynamic performance of the band since. penny could've delivered a more solid sound but i had to test what trixie can do. i realized that fender guitars play best with fender amps. or maybe a 60-watter amp simply drowns when matched with a 2x12 160-watter (if i'm not mistaken). well, a marshall 160w to a genesis 60w, duh..hehe..

the other bands were great too.

jordan wasn't wrong when sometime before he mentioned that radical faith's vocalist can sing hardrock and growl well. galing. solid kahit payat yung vocals hehe..madalas lang cguro napapanood ko ay ang mga nag grogrowl ay malalaking tao hehehe :D (this is the Lord's prayer--RRRAAAAAWWWWWWKK!)

hmm..POEMA..i love the tunes. pat's like kitchieish barbieish tunes with aya's vibe. i liked roy's guitars on the last song. warm & creamy drive. good bassist. smooth drummer (yeah BJ hehe)..sayang lang the space doesn't have good acoustics so the sound was bouncing all over. matinding reverb. mahirap minsan pakinggang malinaw yung words. nice rendition of phobic :) first time i've heard it being covered live.

and for the speaker, effective syempre :) kahit na medyo memorized ko na yung sermon, ayus pa rin hehe.

to everyone who were involved, thanks! God bless :) and here's to more MISSION POSSIBLEs! itaas mo! (ang pagiging christian mo :D)

talk about timing..

i accompanied dei on her way back home to the far far away makati city last night after the dinner fellowship in kb. it was 12 midnight then already. macoy third, me and dei were the last people to leave church. macoy headed to his coffeeshop/sala, third decided to walk home for some exercise so i went with dei to make sure the cab driver's safe mwehehehe.

anyway, we got to makati. dei went up her place already and i dropped by 711, thinking about which mode of transportation i'm taking to get back to qc--the faster but much more expensive cab or the thrilling bus ride. just when i got out of the store, wow! the talusan kids' parents were there unloading some stuff from ate lucille's korea trip. talk about timing! i now have a ride home! (ate lucille works at cbn asia. dei works there too and lives just beside their office building. happiness, no transpo expenses.)

i was so blessed and awed about how God works in surprising ways. just amazing. of course i had to take a cab from EDSA-kamuning corner to our place hehe.

when i got home, housemate nez was watching a koreanobela and when i woke up this morning and went downstairs to take a bath, she was still there watching the same koreanobela. WOW. NOW THAT'S AMAZING! hehe=p

Friday, November 24, 2006

yesterday's tidbits and today

umaasa sa wala = "hoping for nothing" hahaha. good to be back at the apartment. akin nalang tong chocolates. mag prapractice nalang akong mag isa. sana makuha yung amp. ang boring today. 711 siopao. aiaiai isang asado siopao nalang natira, pinauna ko pa kasi. pagupit. ahit bukas. ang linis ng banyo. thank you liez. sarap ng dark chocolate. sabi na nga ba may nakalimutan akong bilhin sa eunilane. mahal pala ng batteries. bakit minsan parang walang pakialam mga tao? kelangan ko na mag apply ulit for board exam. kelan kaya kakain ang jam? na miss ko yung kama ko. ayus gamit. kelangan makabenta. ligo na. sana maganda simula ng bukas ko.


"bwiset na taxi to. sabi kasing kumanan sa tuazon sa boni serrano pa talaga dumaan..mas traffic tuloy.." lousy start. i'm praying for a good evening. i hope my head cools off before lunch..haiya..

i need some words of comfort from God..

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

ikaw, ako, intsik tayow :D

You Know You're Chinese When... i was so bored i actually typed "you know you're chinese if.." in the google searchbox and this came out. interestingly funny..there were a a lot more "you.." lines here but i deleted them..i left those which i can personally relate to hehehe..

You unwrap Christmas gifts very carefully, so you can save and reuse the wrapping (and especially those bows) next year.

You use the dishwasher as a dish rack.

You keep a Thermos of hot water available at all times.

You save grocery bags, tin foil, and tin containers.

You use grocery bags to hold garbage.

You have a piano in your living room.

You twirl your pen around your fingers.

Even if you're totally full, if someone says they're going to throw away the leftovers on the table, you'll finish them.

You bring oranges (or other produce) with you as a gift when you visit people's homes.

You have a collection of miniature shampoo bottles that you take every time you stay in a hotel.

You never order room service.

You don't use measuring cups.

You reuse teabags.

You like Chinese films in their original undubbed versions.

You like congee with thousand year old eggs.

You prefer your shrimp with the heads and legs still attached -- it means they're fresh.

You never call your parents just to say hi.<--no wonder..

You always cook too much.

Your parents tell you to boil herbs and stay inside when you get sick. They also tell you not to eat fried foods or baked goods because they produce hot air.

Your parents use a clothes line.

You eat every last grain of rice in your bowl, but don't eat the last piece of food on the table.

You starve yourself before going to all you can eat sushi.

You know someone who can get you a good deal on jewelry or electronics.

You never discuss your love life with your parents.

Your parents are never happy with your grades.

You keep most of your money in a savings account.

Your toothpaste tubes are all squeezed paper-thin.

You love Chinese Martial Arts films.

You have Tupperware in your fridge with three bites of rice or one leftover chicken wing.

You like to eat chicken feet.

You suck on fish heads and fish fins.

You can't bear to throw things away.<--this is so mommy haha.

You add twice the amount of water recommended when making orange juice from concentrate.
<--mommy again.

You've never seen your parents hug.<---oo nga no..i never did..hmm..

Your grandmother lives with you and your family.

You never order desserts at restaurants.

You say "aiya!" and "wah!" frequently.
<--me in traffic and if things don't go right. chinese to ng haynako.

You love to play mah jong.

Your folks never speak under 10 decibels at family gatherings.<--go to a Contreras gathering & you'll see =p

You received little red envelopes containing money on special occasions.<--ANG PAO.

You wash and reuse ziplock bags.

You're proud to be Chinese - of course...:)

now na..

slap me na.. so i can be myself again.. unless...ehe..ehe..ehehehe.

if i were a drummer..

this would be my setup hehe :D

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

bye bye nike crosstrainers

days ago i had my nike crosstrainers washed because i haven't used them for like a year or more and i felt like using them again. so there..i put on the shoelaces slowly making sure they are not twirling..i realized putting on shoelaces is just as therapeutic to me as putting on new strings on guitars..what's with me and strings?!?! and right now, i'm mr. "no strings attached" mwehehe..yet..ehehe..

anyway, back to my nike shoes..when i got to the entrance of tektite, something felt wrong..nabukahan nanaman ako ng swelas ng sapatos! the airmax thing from the sole fell off and the half of the sole was detached from the shoe! naging powdery na yung was kinda embarassing with all those people passing by i had to rip off the entire sole and walk back to the car to change footwear..good thing di ko binaba yung sneakers sa house. whew! bad trip yun!

haay..kung kelan nalinis at naisipang gamitin saka pa bumigay..bye bye nike cross t's

monday the 13th

yesterday was a very productive and rewarding monday. i wasn't late for work, i was able to have my cousin's flight schedule changed in makati during lunchbreak, attend cell meeting in the evening and picked up my cousins from their US-Canada vacation after. (i dropped by makati for just a while before going to the airport hehe :D)

masaya kasi may natulungan ako at napasaya kahapon. at pagkatapos ng araw, dun ako super masaya.,kasi dala ng pinsan ko ang binili kong gitara! at syempre kahit pagod na sa kaka drayb, di pwedeng hindi kalikutin ang bagong kapuso. naninibago ako sa itchura. kasi kulay dairy creme. di ako sanay. mgkaiba kasi sila ng beauty ni penny. pero ayus.

ayun na yung kwento ko..di ko na madugtungan..gimme that tele twang!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

philmusic EB

ang saya mgkita-kita sa purple haze! :D

ate hannah,..

asan ka na?!!?
hana..hahanapin.. hana..hahanapin...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Jesus revolution high

it was my first time to attend 'Jesus Revolution' last thursday and friday evening. it felt great to be worshipping with other believers from different churches in one roof. the speakers were inspiring too. i liked mr.(di ko alam kung reverend sya or dr.) ian shelton's message on how parents or older generation church members should work hand in hand with the youth, acting as good bows firing up the arrows. if the older generation don't act as good bows, the arrows will never reach the target (the mission field).

coach al hollingsworth message was also nice as well. pretty's about having a dream and to live the dream is to set it in God's perspective. he mentioned 6 steps actually in making one's dream possible. i only remembered 3---1) dream 2) involve God (sumthing like this hehe) 3) don't quit. ayun..

after the last message on friday night, they had a prayer tunnel where each attendee is to pass through it with annointing from the pastors forming the tunnel. some fell at the end of the tunnel(parang slain by the spirit)..i didn't. my hair just shined because of the baby oil hehe but it felt great being prayed for by great christian leaders and humble servants of God.

then they had a very lively worship to culminate the weeklong event. everyone was jumping and turning around while singing "free" and "one way"..i hopped a few times, moved around a bit..i guess i'm just not physically lively during worship. yung puso ko nalng pina pa talon talon ko hehe..:D first j-rev experience. :) hope i can attend next year and sana in time tiny cactus with jam for breakfast will be leading worship there. champion yan haha!

by the way, thanks pat for inviting me. i'm very grateful you did. :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

nov. 1 happy day

it's my second time to spend all saint's (or is it all souls'?) day in manila. wala na kasing sembreak..but this time it wasn't just spending the day at home 'resting'
(tunganga, tulala). tiny cactus practiced in ayala heights and we also worked on a new song. i'm thankful that the band gave an effort to work on the song i initially wrote. :) we changed some words and worked on the tune and chord progressions. masaya.

a and macz had to leave after lunch so with just me, jus and tij left in the afternoon, we were'nt so productive in coming out with another tune..iba talaga pag kumpleto..mas nakakapag isip ng creative stuff..pero ayus lang..relax lang..

i planned to watch "fun with dick and jane" after dinner but karmel the very 'nice' sister was so set in watching grey's anatomy series so fine, "u watch this time". naisip ko rin wala syang dvd sa makati hehe..

nag gitara nalang ako sa sala (wow! natural reverb :p) at naalala ko ang jam for breakfast..sana may gig ulit kami kahit acoustic na masaya at masarap pagkain hehe. nov.1 holiday vacation. the only thing that felt bad after yesterday was that i had bad dragon breath when i woke up this morning..

"ay oo, nakalimutan kong mag toothbrush buong araw kahapon hahaha..!"

Monday, October 30, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

komiks 6

five things you probably don't know about me

I got tagged by gladys (nagawa ko na ata to date). anyway, here's my list of 5 things you probably don't know about me:

1. i can burp at will wahaha!!
2. naluluha ako if i watch family drama by myself hahaha.
3. i'm 'left-handed' in brushing my teeth, holding a tabo, rifle, shooting a ball..
4. i used to think women get pregnant just by kissing their husbands...till highschool..
5. holding any feathered creatures freaks me out. (pero ang sarap nila kainin)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

muntik na

muntik na akong makasagasa kaninang umaga. habang ng drive ako sa may tektite, may motorsiklong nag overtake sa kaliwa ko at bglang nawalan ng control at natumba sa harapan ko. buti at nakapreno ako kung di flat na ang isang paa ng drayber..

kaya kayong mga motorsiklers, wag kayo mag feeling stuntman. mag ingat sa pag drive. at lagi mag suot ng helmet. sana ok lang yung drayber..pero may pasa yun cgurado..


plug: watch tiny cactus tonight at purple haze tomas morato. bands play at 9pm.
also visit- if you feel like listenin' to our tunes :D

Monday, October 16, 2006

bisaya blog

naa ko naga ron..wa pa mabuhat kay ugma pa sugdan ang akong dapat lantawon pag trabaho. lami ang pakals atong sabado. naa pay free nga stuffed toy sa fruit drinks. pero grabi to kamahal nga drinks..maygani naay free..hmm..kinsa kaha akong tagaan atong iring..hehe..

mag absent ko sa friday kay sayo ko buntag abot manila. unya na paku katabo 8am. patay..then praise nyt sa gabii..patay. mag vitamins nalang jud ta ani para di ta matumba. tabo pa ta airport human.

watch tiny cactus diay sa monday sa purple haze morato. tukar mi. :D

kani sa ron..kalibangon ko ganiha pero murag di pa man mugawas. human cguro panihapon sure na haha! lingaw tambay hotel kay bugnaw unya naay tv..mag hangad lang kog tan-aw sa akong kwarto kay wall mounted ang tv kay guot nag naa pay shelf..

d end.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Thursday, October 12, 2006

cooking with the boys at soundkitchen

tiny cactus just recorded a demo of two of their originals last sunday at soundkitchen..i've been to a recording session before but this one was a much much better both the process and the outcome :D

eron was the first to lay out the tracks. it was his first time to record. but for a first timer, he did exceptionally well. we played along in the mixing room so he'd be guided through the song. galing. "tama lang ang palo" ika nga ni hazel the soundkitchen chef.

then macz did the bass..bilis lang. haha..he spent his quiet time playing DOTA after his session.

jus was next. he recorded the acoustic guitar track for "ate hannah." malinis bunso :D

i followed jus and took the longest time to record. i never thought i'd take that long to do the guitar tracks. sandali lang kasi date from another studio. thing is the chef asked me to record rhythm tracks twice for one song with different tone settings such that the sound would be thicker. then next were the fills and the solos. kinda tiring but it was surely worth the effort.(wow kax, may effort ka na ngayon! haha<--syempre, tugtugan yun eh! ). i guess one of the main factor that got me less excited along the way was that i was deprived of hearing the actual output of my guitar while recording (i gotta hear penny's sweet tones to give me the rush!). the amp was in another room...i think the guys noticed my lifeless face during my apologies hehe..

and finally tij for the vocals accompanied by his utols for backing vox. "bukas" almost drained the life out of them haha.."TIGAS MO A! sa D pala ha! wahahaha!" the guys blended well although there were slight 'offpitches'. hardly noticeable anyway :D good job talusan boys!

anyway, when the cd came out,everyone was happy..i can't stop listening to it again and again. it's even playing right now..hehe..

ipon ulit for the next songs :) donations are always welcome :D

"umiikot, di na matatapos-tapos yan...." - BUKAS

"anung hiwagang meron sya..sabik na syang makilala..."- ATE HANNAH

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Thursday, October 05, 2006


inspired by the jologs faction i saw
yesterday in megamall. octoberfest kasi.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


ballpen on paper. photoshop level adjustments.

Monday, October 02, 2006

stef's cool party

it ain't the "lots of food, booze and girls" type was more of a cozy barkada hangout thing with of course, good food and music..just my type of party..

eh, dami namang ganyan lang eh na party..anung special dun? eto--dun kami tumambay sa model unit ng z-loft ng rockwell :D ayus! --centralized aircon, warm white lights, high and wide glass panels, high end furnishing..parang nescafe commercial barkada kapehan hehehe..

we brought in mini amps and jammed almost the whole time! saya! kung pwede lang mag sleepover eh..kaya lang the washrooms are not functional..walang piping system..pag jumebs ka dun na walang kaalam alam, mgkakalat ka sa sahig.

about the food, sarap ng veggie lasagna, barbecue chicken, lumpia, pizza pandesal, and almond jelly for dessert!! syempre andyan din yung coke hehehe..

it's great to have sumthing like this happening once in a while :) pang tanggal stress..

thanks stef! the party's the bomb! (good thing i didn't eat too much coz i myt have dropped the "bomb" in powerplant mall wahihihi =p)

pikchuran post to follow.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Raincoat, umbrella o sugod sa ulan?
>> sugod!.. mga kapatid..
Sometimes you hate cellphones because___?
>>nauubusan ng batterya kung kelan mo kelangang gamitin..
Paano mo patayin ang ipis?
>> bato ng tsinelas pag di tinamaan, habulin at upakan.
Anong una mong pinupuntahan sa mall?
>> music shop o kaya toy stores
Nahulog kna ba sa Stairs?
>> ata..
Msg mo sa mahal mo?
>> ewan ko sayo..
Mahal mo pa ba ex mo?
>> friends.
Gaano ka kaloyal?
>> loyal.--> <>
Have you fallen in love with your bestfriend?
>> no.
Naiilang ka ba pag ikaw lang ang kumakain at
nakatingin lang ang mga kasama mo?
>> depende kung sino kasama.
Bakit may mga taong manhid?
>>para matauhan yung mga kulang sa pansin..labo.
Pano ka magalit?
>> tahimik lang..
Anong Maganda/Masarap Gawin sa Outing w/
>>beach, kainan, tawanan.
How was your 2006 Summer?
How long was your longest telebabad?
>> 5 hrs up ata..once lang.
Last place you've been to?
They say you are:
>> laging galit/mabilis kausap/talentadongtarantado haha
How old are you?
>> twintipayb
Last thing you drank?
>> water
Last thing you bought for yourself.
>> c2 green tea hehe
You want to?
>> talk
Bkt nman?
>> para di mapanis laway..
Mahirap bang umasa?
>> hinde..pero kung wlang patutunguhan, let's start another story :D
Anong nafe-feel mo ngayon?
>> gusto kong jumebs..inantok
What's the last thing you did?
>> ate a giant puto.
What song are you listening to right now?
>> nothing..
Do you receive sweet txt messages?
>> yeah mostly from nikkinikki pero bihira lang :D
Busy ka ba?
>> oo pero di sa work hehe..
Did you get sick this month?
>> trankaso
Nagbago ka ba?
>> lang..

Thursday, September 14, 2006

naranasan ko na rin....

ang lumagpas sa patutunguhan dahil sa kaiisip ng kras habang nasa jeep....

ehe..ehe..ehehe..masyado ka nang siniswerte ha...

tiny cactus

tij macz a jus kax
logo by skitz. copyright 2006.

crazyyyyyy dream..

have you ever had a dream where you were dreaming in your dream and you suddenly woke up coz of tension, feeling it was so real but then u realize it was only a your dream?!!? yeah hanep sa construction..basta yun. kaasar ang feeling..

anyway, hindi yan yung kwento ko..napaginipan ko yung crush ko..umamin ako sa feelings ko tapos parang friends lang talaga ang tingin nya..pero sinabi ko na rin na masaya ako dahil nasabi ko na..yeah right..ang saklap...haynaku..if i remember it right, the conversation went sumthin like this:

setting: sa balcony ng bahay nila kasi multilevel daw ang bahay nila at may nag memeeting na church officers sa roof deck habang kami ay nag uusap..(hindi naman ganito ang bahay nila)

me: hey...ahhh (nag iisip kung panu sabihin yung gusto sabihin)
her: hi..(dead air).....sabihin mo na kasi yung sasabihin mo...
me:'re very special to me (why the hell did i say it that way?!?ang cheesy yak.)..super tagal na kitang gusto..(nakalimutan ko na ang sumunod)

blah blah blah..

then it ended like--her: yeah i know but that's how he(other guy) treats me too and we've known each other since we were kids and know..

basta may feelings sya dun sa other guy..(while we were on this part of the conversation, we were already on the third floor of their building and it suddenly changed into a park..parang yung plaza area ng cagayan de oro!)

me: ok..i'll be fine..alis na ako..ingat..
her: cge..

tas biglang nalang syang nawala..sabi ko "labo naman nun" parang casual na casual yung dating..parang wala man lang timbang yung friendship..bwiset.

tas nagising na rin ako sa katotohanan..late na ako nagising..nanaman..napaisip tuloy ako sa banyo..kung may pinaparating ba ang Diyos sa akin..hmm..o kaya naprapraning lng ako minsan kaya ko napanaginipan yun..

ewan..for the meantime, mag ta-tiny cactus nalang ako! :D

watch tiny cactus at fullcup this friday 7pm at 690 real st. intramuros, manila

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

why i don't buy those usual techie stuff..

i get these instead to play with--polyphonic, multicolor, switchable interface, no memory needed, highly tweakable and they become collectibles over time :D pwede pang apak apakan haha!!

i am not gonna attempt to name each unit. i'll just call my boards si kinis at si kulubot. :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

tuesday thoughts..

-punta kaya ako maya sa church to attend tuesday nyt teachings?
-uwi pa kaya ako bago pumunta?
-meet ko na kaya yung seller ng gamit pang tugtugan?
-wala akong kwentang tao..minsan..
-saan kaya ako kakain..
-bakit ako ng bloblog?
-anu kayang magandang gawin para kumita?
-kelan kaya ako mgkaka rav4?
-siya kaya?
-anu ba to?
-bakit ang epal talga humirit yung iba?
-sinusubukan kaya ng Diyos ang pasensya ko?
-kelangan ko pa ba ng isang gitara?
-kelan ko kaya malinis tong sapatos ko...?
-ang ganda talga ni ate iyan hehehe
-masaya talaga pag libre ang pagkain.
-mahirap maging head ng worship ministry.
-kelangan mag bawas ng kasalanan.
-sana makasama ko sya ulit.
-bababa kaya ang per hour rate ng ?
-bakit lagi nalang akong talo sa counterstrike?
-gusto ko mag beach
-kakatamad umuwi
-ayoko ng mayabang
-gusto ko ng california maki..
-panis na kaya yung itlog sa bahay?
-kelangan ng racket.
-gusto ko ng tapa.
-sana may shower sa office
-naiinip na ako..
-kelan kaya ako balik cagayan?
-masakit na ang ulo ko.


Thursday, August 31, 2006

pics from cdo.

ayan ..pik chur pikchur haha!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

one happy trip

i thought it'd be a good time to go home last weekend because of the airfare promos and besides there ain't much stuff to be done at work, and it's probably a good time to check out what's happenin' in that city (business stuff)

so i went home. i found out that they were gonna celebrate the twins' birthday last sunday so tiniempuhan ko na :D i susurprise ko sila hehe..

so to airport-fly to airport-cab to house (got home at almost 7pm). then, SEPLAYS! i didn't exactly get a "whoa" look from the folks when they saw me..dun kami ng mana eh..straight face pa rin pag na surprise pero laki ng tuwa sa loob hehehe :D wow! the whole gang was there! and of course THE FOOD--the lechon, the dinuguan, the hipon, the kinilaw, the ensaladang mangga, the manggo sago, the bisayang manok adobo, the kan-on, the kok en di isprayt alrayt!!

always nice getting together with close relatives once in uncles are teasing my mom that i probably went home coz 'may tinatakasan ako dito sa maynila' o kaya 'mgbabalitang mgpapakasal na ako' ..tingin ko mas pwede pa yung una eh. kami namang mag pipinsan catching up on each other's lives--yung isa, career path pinag usapan, sa isa naman tugtugan, sa isa pa business venture, etc...sari-saring kwentuhan hehe..

anyway kwento ko nalang kung anu yung mga pinag gagawa ko sa tatlong araw na andun ako:

monday: HOLIDAY. si papa patawa. di alam na half day lang pala sila. so pumunta pang office pgkatapos mg lunch at bumalik rin. pumunta kaming mall at nanood ng click. pambihira naluha ako dun a..buti nalang madilim..di naman ako humagulgol. ng chinese choir practice si karen at si papa at pgkatapos nilibre ako ni tatay bandang 9pm sa country steakhouse. pinatikim nya ako ng ostrich steak..masarap pala! parang baka na mas malambot! tarap.

tuesday: bahay lang ng umaga..nag internet at nag isip ng blog layout sample para sa pinsan ko-- tapos nag drive para kay mama papuntang bangko at cepalco (electric company) sa hapon. dinaanan ko yung pinsan ko pagkatapos at tiningnan namin yung space na lilipatan nila ng office. nilibre nya ako ng kape at pinag usapan kung anu yung kelangan at kung ganu katagal bago sila makalipat. medyo nagulat sila sa pinagsasabi ko kasi la rin silang idea na 'ganun' pala hehe..

sa gabi naman, ng attend kami ng graduation ni papa sa pagtapos ng BTCP(bible/biblical training course for pastors). ewan ko kung tama meaning nun basta nakasuot pa sila ng toga at may certificate sila hehe..pwede na daw silang tawaging pastor kasi lagpas 2 years din yung course na PK na rin ako?--pasaway kid? pastor's kaka? nyehehe. ayun..KAINAN na naman!!

pgkatapos nun hinatid ko si karen sa prayer meeting at nakitambay din ako sandali..may bago silang kasama na medyo cute lang :D di na ako nag tagal kasi nimeet ko pa si pareng chiristian sa coffeeshop..ngkwentuhan lang kami..di na rin kami inabot ng madaling araw kasi may trabaho pa kinabukasan ata natatae na ko. (dahil sa espresso frocinno na ininom ko ng hapon)..

wednesday:huling araw ko na. ng lunch kaming mgkaklase nung highskul pero lima lang kami kasi yung iba out of town..yung iba out of reach hehe..tawanan sessions nanaman. kasama namin yung isa naming kaklase na doctor na at ayaw maniwala na bumagsak ako ng boards exam..sarap tusukin ng tinidor. tapos nag ikot sandali sa mall tapos. umalis na rin..nag pikchur pikchur ako ng mga tanawin sa cagayan para sa project ni andun na rin ako eh. binalak namin ni christian na puntahan yung mismong starting point ng white water rafting pero dahil nawala yung sign, di maalala ng 'magaling' kong navigator kung nasan na yun..umabot pa kami ng malapit lapit na parte ng bukidnon pambihira hehe.

nag prayer meeting kami pagkatapos ng 'joyride' tas kumain ng hapunan kasama ang pamilya. sarap chicken inasal :D nung busog na kami, pinuntahan pa namin si fred saka si sep at iba pang churchmates sa wallclimbing venue. dapat tatambay lang ako dun at panoorin silang umakyat..but no..bigla akong nangati sa pag akyat kaya umakyat na rin ako--in polo shirt, jeans and tsinelas!..bwiset ang hirap umakyat pag mali ang bihis mo at lalo na kung wala kang practice..kaya ngayun, nangangawit ang buong katawan ko. kelangan ko ata ng salon pas. hehehe.

thursday: back to manila. kulang ng tulog. pagod na ako mag type.may practice pa maya. ayus..

cguro ang byaheng ito ang isa sa mga highlights ng taong 'to..medyo mabigat yung ginastos ko pag uwi pero sobrang nasulit kasi alam kong masayang masaya sila na umuwi ako :D kahit na di nila sinasabi, i can feel it wahaha! (feeling mo talaga kax.) masasabi ko cgurong i was being a good son by taking the time and effort to go home :D

at sabi nga ni God pag unselfish yung deed mo, pag papalahin ka talaga...totoo yun..alam nyo bakit? may chekeng inabot sa akin kaninang umaga. naLIBRE yung roundtrip ticket ko bigla.


Friday, August 18, 2006

alay kay penny..

si penny.
ang kyut kyut mo talaga.
kahit ika'y mas matanda pa sa akin,
kay ganda mo pa rin.

walanghiya ka lang minsan
dahil ang laki ng gastusin
pag ang frets moy napudpod
o kaya'y ang kwerdas kinakalawang.

12 years nang dumaan
best friends pa rin tayo :)
kahit na minsa'y di kita pinapansin
(dahil sa chix)
di mo pa rin ako iniwan.
(kasi di ka buhay)

ang labo ng tulang ito
wala sa bilang at di gaanong pinag isipan
penny, ok lang
di mo rin naman naiintindihan.

ayan nakilala ka na rin nila
bilang gitara ni kaka
sa gitna ng kahirapan
tuloy ang tugtugan.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006



i talked to God last night. i asked Him if i'd be good enough for you. i ask God that same question every night before i hit dreamstate. "could she be the one for me Lord?"(assuming He's got that plan for me hehe)...sometimes i wonder why i ask Him that. i'm not planning on being your guy now or somebody else's..not even soon..i don't know. i guess these 'God and me on lovelife' conversations just come up when i'm falling for somebody.

oh yeah, i'm falling for you. hard. you make me smile like stupid. i get lost whenever you give 'that' look.(the look that says 'hi' in the cutest way).

sigh..i just need to let this out. so i'd feel better..nako nako aynako.

so like i said, i'd have a chat with Big Daddy again tonight. no rush for answers to some questions so it's ok to fall asleep. =)

twinkle twinkle li'l star, wonder if i'd get that far...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

1. In one sentence, explain what ended your
last relationship:
--- personality mismatch hehe

2. What made you smile today?
--- nagising ako for work today kahit umaga na ako natulog! haha

3. What were you doing this morning at 8
-- i woke up.

4. What were you doing 15 minutes ago?
--- check friendster and mail and

5. Something that happened to you in 1985?
--- i went to kindergarten and i turned 5 :D

6. Your prom night?
--- partner ko crush ko pero my outifit was like chopsuey
kasi hiram lang lahat.

7. Last thing someone else said to you?
--- di ko maalala

8. What was your answer?
--- hehe lang..

9. Worst thing currently on television:
--- sa piling mo teleserye.

10. What was in the mail today?
--- replies and job opportunities

11. How many different beverages have you
drank today?
--- i haven't drank anything yet..gotta get some water now.

12. What is your favorite part of the day?
--- 5:00 pm..the time when i start to plan how to go about my activities
after work hours :D

13. Your current To-do list?
--- assess life, make songs, record songs, jam like there's no tomorrow.

14. Where is your best friend right now?
--- no best friend..close frineds dami..cagayan, manila.

15. What color is your toothbrush?
--- blue body with white and blue bristles

16. What is out your back door?
--- sampayan

17. Any plans for Friday night?
--- friday just passed..for next week, worship team rehearsals

18. Least favorite place to shop?
--- greenhills.

19. things you bought today?
--- wala pa

20. Last gift you received?
--- teka..isip..ah! nestle souvenir and guitar pick from tij! haha

21. Who gave you that?
--- tij.

22. What makes you sad today?
--- nothing :)

23. What can make you happy?
--- food, mama elsa sessions, jam trip, at kung may load yung isa =)

24. Beautiful is:
--- a tobacco sunburst finish, a good pedal setup, a buhaghag hair,
an ate at haha!

25. Describe your keychain:
--- caltex.

26. Where do you keep your change?
--- pocket and a cup at the pc table.

28. Are you happy with your life?
--- yeah..

29. What are you thinking now?
--- acoustic jam at 2pm..and more..ehehe

30. Person you trusted the most?
--- dami akong pinagkakatiwalaang tao.

31. Last rainbow you saw?
--- ewan....

32. Something you are excited about?
--- indonesia mission jam trip..sana matuloy talga to..praise nyt

33. What makes you excited?
--- the waiting game mwehehehe =p and of course tugtugan..
bisyo na yan.

34. Are you inlove?
--- wag dito..

35. Places you want to be with your special
--- quiet white beach, quiet open soccer field, quiet coffeeshop, quiet somewheres.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

11 jambo kidz first gig

the 11jambo kidz (composed of mot, kax, koy, ron & jas) had their first kickoff gig in yas neri's debut. the setup was good. the performance wasn't that clean but it sure was fun. we were the only ones there who wore jeans and sneakers. much more comfy to play in that getup :)

penny gave up her g-string at the end of a song (hmm..this doesn't sound quite right haha) but good thing i was able to tune 'er up between the songs.

food was good :) didn't have desserts except buko pandan coz my tummy might start a revolution hehe..

had a few pictures with friends--performance shots, group shots, body shots (ay! la pala..)

'twas a night to remember..a special day with special people, special somebody wek wek wek...a good way to end a rainy saturday :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

tambay sa parklane..saya!

jam for breakfast played at the despedida party of one of the chefs of manila pen and woooow.. what good food there was!

the food was first class and free flowing! i could still taste the grilled prawns in lemon and butter sauce..ahhh..sarap talga..isa pa yung lambchops!..with matching italian sparkling wine! i had 3 glasses of wine wine palang nasulit na :D meron din iba't ibang salads but i didn;t try them out kasi baka in the middle of the gig, mangyari ang---"ah, sorry for the inconvenience, but we will have to take an unexpected break coz our guitarist has to settle some issues with his stomach." :p

iba't ibang tao yung nagpunta sa party..may mga staff ng manila pen, may celebrity looking people, may jordan, kay chef o kay chavit? hahaha!

the gig last nyt may not be the best but it was the most compensating so far haha :D sana meron ulit ganito :D good food, good view, good pay :D THANK YOU LORD :D

Friday, July 14, 2006

lonely along roxas boulevard..

i was driving to UN avenue last night to drop off a new guitar for our church in cagayan and while i was on my way, i was thinking how'd i spend my time i was thinking of people to hang out with..i texted a few..but unfortunately, no one replied..suddenly i felt lonely..senti sucks..a sad feeling matched by mellow tunes playing..good thing they were redemption tunes of jars of clay which somehow reminded me that God's always around..sigh..

so i got home early..watched telenovelas with my housemates then chatted with some good friends online..talked to one of them what i felt earlier and talked about similar experiences..the night ended well with a good sleep and a better feeling..

must be the weather ehehe..

"when i die hallelujah by and by, i'll fly away"---i'll fly away/jars of clay

Thursday, July 13, 2006

bato na naman.

13 people..

1. macz
2. tij 3. a 4. line 5. sherie 6. jorem 7. roanne 8. mi
9. aimee
10. ritchie 11. dianne 12. yas 13. shabby

How did you meet 10?
>> church

What would you do if 6 and 2 dated?
>>kabadingan yan pards

Have you ever seen 4 cry?
>> yeah..

Is 13 a close friend?
>> yeah pwede. :)

Do you think 1 is cute?
>>kyutipot haha.

Tell me something about 11
>> master graphic artist

How do you know 8?
>>err, quite well..hmm..

Would you ever go on a date with number 12?
>>ewan..di cguro

What's 7's favorite color?
>> blue? red? pink?!?!!

What would you do if 9 confessed they liked you?
>>ok, we're still friends :)

How do you know 6:
>>through sherie

Who is 4 going out with?
>> brain hehe

What does 5 do for a living?
>> photographer, hikaw diva.

Would you ever live with 13?
>>huwaaat?!?! haha!nooo..err..not now.
it's like impossible u know.

Is 2 single?
>>at the moment i think

What do you think about 3?
>> makulit. magaling sa tugtugan.

What's the best thing about number 8?
>> she's independent and loves dimsums too.

What do you like about number 10?
>> kakwentuhan tungkol sa guitar effects hehe

Favorite Memory with 5?
>> good jam session.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

flat tire..

just when i was set to get to work this morning, i found one of the rear wheels of my boss's car flat. darn..although somehow i always find a good challenge in changing tires, i wasn't very much in the mood to do it that time..but i had i got the spare tire off the trunk and ain't got air..took it to the vulcanizing shop only to find out that the tire wasn't in shape anymore for use. it's got major irregularities i went home to get the flat tire and drove back again to the shop. the flat's been fixed..time to put it back on and there.. done..

it took me awhile to get everything done because of the rain. it poured heavily from time to time..i got yucky fingers after the job courtesy of dust and dirt from the tires.

well, another experience added..felt good to have accomplished another challenge. i thought, maybe God's teaching me something here..yeah i'm sure He is..whatever that is, i'll just keep it to myself hehe..

Monday, July 10, 2006

dull moments thing.

1. Where were you 1 hour ago?
- ayala heights
2. Who will be your next kiss?
-EWAN. papa? mama? lola? haha..
3. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
- my boss's pink hello kitty stamp
4. What do you wanna be?
- rockstar architect who does graphic design mwehehe
5. Are you wearing socks right now?
- yep
6.When was the last time you went out of town?
- last april. went to baguio (ahh the bacon in camp john hay..)
7. Have you been to the movies in the last 5
- yep. tuperman resurns
8. What was the last thing you had to drink?
- wota.
9. What are you wearing right now?
- office attire --shirt, jeans and sneakers :D
10. Have you been in a car wash?
- yep
11. Last food you ate?
- beef jerky strips
12. Where were you last week on Saturday?
- office, church, wan chai, starbux, bahay.
13. Have you bought any clothing items in the last
- nope
14. Are you in love?
- i'm not quite sure..hahahahaha..hmm..mwehehe
15. What's the last sporting event you watched?
- pacquiao vs larios
16. What is your favorite class?
- architectural acoustics
17. Your dream vacation?
- oks na ako sa boracay or palawan..kahit 1 week lang hehe..
18. Last 2 people's houses you were in?
- apartment, my uncle's
19. How old are your parents?
- 54 both
20. Are you single?
- very much so :)
21. Do you miss anyone?
- maybe..perhaps..hmm.
22. Last play you saw?
- i forgot the title..
23. What are your plans for today?
- work, go to cubao look for a guitar, then band practice tnyt :)
24. Who is the last person you commented on
- wala
25. Ever go to camp?
- yep!
26. Were you an honor roll student in school?
- high school lang
27. What do you want to know about the future?
- my future..? err..
28. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne?
- wala..ubos na..lagi akong sponsored sa ganun eh..nanghihinayang bumili :D
29. Are you hungry?
- not ryt now :)
30. Where is your best (close nalang) friend located?
- kung saan cagayan, sa naga, sa qc :D
31. Do you have a tan?
- yes, my middle name..wahahaha!!
32. How old do you want to be when you have
- 29? hahaha..wishing..
33. Do you collect anything?
- guitar stuff..and picks..guitar magazines..nothing related to architecture except
drafting materials :D
34. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled
- last year ata..or early this year..
35. Have you ever drank your soda from a straw?
- oo
36. When was the last time you went out of the
- summer 97.
37. Do you like hot sauce?
- sometimes :D
38. Last time you took a shower?
- this morning
39. Who do you have a crush on?
- and the list goes on and on and on and on...
40. What is your mood?
- i'm fine :)
41. Are you someones best friend?
- i dunno..i hope so :)
42. What's the last book you read?
- the bible :) visual dictionary of architecture
43. How many months more before ur birthday?
- 5 months
44. Are you happy?
- of course :)
45. Where were you yesterday?
- jec, kbcf, podium, morato.
46. Any recent happy thoughts you'd like to share?
- take it to the Lord in prayer.. :)
47. What are u planning to do after this?
- back to work.
48.Is there something bothering u as of this
- none.
49. Any cravings?
- california maki
50. Had fun answering this?
- ehehe..

i'm thankful for..

things to thank God for this week:

-getting back to work
-karen's safe return from china
-finalized working schedule for praise night in october
-vesper service worship time practice
-not being late for sunrise service
-vesper service
-less than 1hour counterstrike game
-cool weather
-wan chai dinner
-napoli dinner
-gig invites
-catching up with friends :D
-beef jerky from china and a couple of chinese soup packs

Sunday, July 02, 2006

simple pleasures :)

yey pwede na ako sumagot nito kasi na tag na ako ehehe :D

1. munimuni sa couch with a bottle of ice cold 500ml c2 green tea..
2. playing penny and kristi
3. surfing around
4. starbux tambay sessions with macz talking about the special someones sa buhay haha.
5. dimsum treats :D
6. walking around the mall for hours...
7. receiving 'miss na kita!' and 'thank you' text messages from friends :)
8. being trusted with a secret.
9. jamming with jam for breakfast and tlc boys!! (yesterday was a blast! pang condition sa design exam kanina haha!!)
10. one on one vacation chats with pa.

pwede last one? utot sessions wahaha!!

my new lunchbox :)

yey! pero di ganyan ang laman..mas cute yung sa akin mwehehe :D

even 'hellic' moments got perks :D

took the arki board exam this week.. yeah it's 'hellic' or it is 'helly'? helly kitty..haha..wala lang..sorry..can't help ehehe :D ayun..di naman gaano mahirap habang sinasagutan..ang nakaka stress lang dun ay di mo malaman laman kung tama ang sagot yung last day, yun yung madugo..

physical and mental torture..

biro mo, bibigyan ka ng bakanteng lote at papagawa ka ng plano ng gusali na dapat ganyan at ganito ang laman at sukat..mahirap yan..kasi 8am nagsisimula..kahit na gising na ako, nakahibernate pa yung utak ko! pero kelangan natapos rin..yey! na gawa ko lahat ng drawings kahit kunwari ganun yung ibang drawings basta may laman lang ang tracing paper :D..

mahirap sya sa totoo lang. di ko na nga nabuksan yung baon kong tubig eh the whole time...pero syempre kumain ako ng siopao kong dala ng tanghali kasi u know..medyo tumirik ulit ang utak ko dahil sa gutom..

anyway, about dun sa perks (pagbigyan at laging naliligaw sa topic pg ngkwkwento), la feel ko lang na parang ang bait bait ng mga magulang ko sa akin these days..yung tipong tumatawag sila at kinakamusta ako na ang bait ng tono ng boses..yung pinagsasabihan kang "o, kumain ka muna ng masarap dun at mag relax para makaraos ka sa pagod ngayong araw.." naisip mga ganitong moments ko nakikita ang halaga ng credit card ehehehe..salamat tay :D

di ako sa pagbigay ng tatay ng credit card natutuwa haha special attention na nabibigay ng parents ko sa akin sa panahon ng 'hirap'..masarap ang feeling..parang bottomless dimsum :D kaya thank you sa inyo :)

wow, para akong highschool boy na kulang sa pansin. ang cheesy..ok lang yan..minsan minsan lang sentimental talaga ako when it comes to family matters. kaya wag nyong sinasaktan ang mga kadugo ko..tatanggalan ko kayo ng toenail gamit ang kutchara :D

nakaraos din..