Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the chubby boy and his army cut

as we were waiting for our orders in causeway last sunday, i couldn't help but notice the kid who's running around the place..he was probably around 7 yrs old, a li'l dark, chubby, wearing sando, shorts and rubber shoes. the sando was tucked in his shorts with belt. hehe..he reminded me of someone back then when we were kids..--ME.

mi probably noticed that my eyes were trailing the kid and asked "were you like that when you were small?" i replied with a long "yeeeaaaahhh..." i was a bit freaked out when i saw that kid..he even got the HAIR! the ARMY CUT on which i 'cursed' my dad for it then. "why can't i grow my hair a bit longer so i can comb it and look as decent as 'jose rizal'?!? haha..i didn't have a choice then but to look like humpty dumpty from the neck up (only i got ears on the side instead of humpty's arms)

and yeah i was chubby. like a longganisa or a lechon de leche (mas sexy pa ata yung lechon de leche eh hihi)..i had a big tummy hanging like a beer belly on adults!my sisters would always tease me on that..hmm..i was baduy too though i only realized it when i browsed thru some childhood pics in college hehehe. sigh..funny memories.

anyway, that was me as a kid. thanks to that causeway boy i got to share some laughs with mi on those memories.

oh, on the 'cursed my dad' thing, i remember i told him that when i'm bigger, i'd give him an army cut too! nah i can't and won't do that..God's doing that to him and probably will give me that too in time..you know..getting bald..thanks to genetics..haha..

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

wan chai disappoints me..

i just had lunch at wan chai ortigas. on their door was a notice stating that they will be increasing their prices because the raw materials for their dishes are affected due to the 12% VAT. so inisip ko ok lang..saw the menu..nag increase nga..pero nagulat ako kase la pa pala dun yung 12% VAT..so meron pa akong binayarang extra!


i believe they just want to maintain their profits. bakit di nag increase ang causeway? sana sa tomas morato hindi ganito..kung ganun na rin, causeway all the way na ako. hehehe.

wala lang..

Monday, April 03, 2006

my first ever baguio trip

i was in baguio last saturdei for a short vacation. thanks to tij for planning the trip and to God for making it happen! i've never been to baguio so i was sorta excited..thinking basically of two things on the way there- cold climate and strawberries !!

yes, i love strawberries and God has blessed me with an extra p360 to enjoy a breakfast buffet in camp john hay and eat all the strawberries i can..with whip cream! not to mention the bacon, french toasts, omelettes, century eggs, salted eggs, potatoes, natural fruit juices, etc..

ang saya!
i finished 3 plates..la lang..:) sarap..gutom na ulit ako.

we also played cranium turbo edition (thanks to liez for letting us borrow it) at starbucks after dinner on saturday night. it was fun. pero isang round lang kami kasi pagod na yung kasama namin..

on the way back to manila, we were asleep for 2 hours except for tij who was driving..upon exiting urdaneta pangasinan, tij suggested that we play 'PINOY HENYO'..hirap mag explain dito eh.. basta yun.. napakinabangan din namin yung high tech cranium timer/category selector gadget sa laro..ayus. gising na kami hanggang maynila.

ayun..nasa maynila na ulit kami at kumain ng dinner at nagsiuwian na..mainit na ulit..

sana makabalik pa ako..di ako nakapag horseback riding ehehe joke..di ko rin nadalaw yung may kapansanang gitarista sa may palengke na nabanggit ni perf de castro sa blog este site nya.

masaya tumira sa lugar na naka aircon ka pa rin kahit sa labas. :) yun lang.


seven songs..


List seven (7) songs you're into right now. No matter what the genre, whether (or not) they have words, or even if they're any good, they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs, then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

oki, eto sa akin::

1. Summer Song - Joe Satriani - buhay na buhay!

2. Song for Life - Eric Johnson - kakarelax..

3. Amazing Grace - Jars of Clay - pang konsensya.

4. Better After All - Jonatha Brooke - melodicly cute.

5. The Setting Sun - Switchfoot - pang beach!

6. You Should Know Better - Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - pang pa high..BLUES astig.

7. Hackensack-Fountains of Wayne - pang drive.