Thursday, June 29, 2006


to the lunchbox that never got a name, goodbye...ingat po nyehehe :D

i'm sorry, i just had to let you go..ang bigat mo kasi..wala kasi akong car eh..dyahe ka sa pag commute..

anu ba to.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


i've been having weird dreams these days..2 of which are just so freaky i'd never forget them.

freaky dream 1:
i was taking the board exam (which i'm really about to take this thursday so help me God) and i flunked. so much for inspiration..

freaky dream 2:
i'm dressed in a's my wedding day!! and i'm marrying my EX..the funny thing was that she's already inside at the altar and i'm still outside talking to my dad about marriage life. i suddenly realized that i don't wanna marry her coz i know things wouldn;t go right..kaya nga naging ex eh..the last thing i remebered when i woke up was that i ran away from the wedding...with dad i think..hehe..runaway groom..ayus..

sometimes i wonder if i'm really meant to be an architect and if i'll ever be a family man...

...i think i'm destined to be a rockstar!! wahaha!! yeah karl..tama yan..wait till you dream of falling flat on the floor after a failed stagedive attempt. that'd definitely suck.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

haha session daw :D

i was invited by miss dj alvaro (kahit hindi gwapo..kahit hindi matalino..ek ek) to session on her gig yesterday at padi's point novaliches. she gave me the study cd last sunday nyt and i rehearsed with the rest of the band on tuesday afternoon..jamming with pros always feels great. i was supposed to just play 4 songs with them but i ended up playing the whole set..hehe..sinulit.

anyway, during the gig nyt, i had no idea what to expect..i've never been to padi's point since 2000. there were only a few people around 10pm but the place was full at midnight. there was variety in the crowd--working people hanging out for a drinking session, couples, bading squad (the freakiest crowd), college boys and girls, etc..i never thought a lot of people still hang out in these places these days..

i had to go outside the bar though from time to time 'coz the 'nicotine-concentrated' air was choking me. it's a good thing i brought my asthma inhaler with me (just in case of emergency). di ko rin naman nagamit :)

showtime came so we setup the gears--plug, tune, mix, soundcheck then play. there were a few errors along the set..stuff like maling pasok ng vocals and altered song sequence..dapat saluhin kasi yung vocals para di obvious na nagkamali..hehe..

we generally did a good job. considerable number of 'sabits' but oks lang..kami kami lang nakakaalam the bassist said "tol, ngayun lang ako tumugtog na ang daming sabit"..."ok lang yan hehe" lang sinabi ko sabay inom iced tea.

it was a good night. there was no talent fee for me. i agreed to play fo free..did it for kicks anyway hehe :D the lead guitarist complimented me about my guitar (i love you penny!), my sound and playing hehe..solb na ako dun :D guess i did a good job supporting his parts. yey! ..

ayun..would just like to share my experience as a 'sessionist' :D sana meron pa ulit but not necessarily playing a songs from hale and cueshe hehehe..<--the downside of sessioning, you can't choose the stuff you're playing.

hmm...i played with pros. pro na rin ba ako? mwehehehehe..nyaaarks..(anung meron ang taong happy? more energy mas happy, more energy mas happy! :D