Friday, December 29, 2006

birthday iterinary

1. wake up early (hopefully) and head to LTO to renew license.

2. meet aaron and gladys before lunch.

3. have lunch. (pray that jordan can bring drums in the evening).

4. buy taco shells.

5. go home and mince tomatoes, onion and green mangoes.

6. setup living room for jamming.

7. meet macoy.

8. eat, drink (coke) and be merry.

9. jam, drink and be merry.

10. hangout somewhere (kung may energy pa)

and be merry..

yey :D

Friday, December 22, 2006

my new lunchbox :D

i got my new lunchbox yesterday! fits 3 sandwiches :D and fits in my backpack! yey! happy happy! :D i just hope airport security won't mistake it for a guncase :D

Thursday, December 21, 2006

bad trip. haha..

agenda: get repaired guitar at paco manila and bring brownies to ateneo.

modes of transportation: sneakers, jeepney, lrt2, taxi

procedure: ride jeep at east ave. to aurora. ride lrt2 to pureza station. walk to nagtahan bridge and ride jeepney to paco manila. retrieve guitar.

ride jeep to sta. mesa. walk to pureza station, ride lrt2 to cubao station. walk to sm dept. store and buy brownies. ride cab to ateneo. drop of brownies and guitar.

ride jeep to UP campus. ride pantranco. ride cubao-kalayaan. walk home.

tiring afternoon..the only good thing about it was i got to wear shorts..:)

can't wait to fly home..

Monday, December 18, 2006

remembering kasner..

no, he ain't dead..he's just somewhere very inaccessible..

you see, kasner is my cousin whom i used to play with when i was a lot younger. he's our game master, the tropa leader..whenever we play hide and seek during family gatherings, everyone wants to go with him to hide. he clowned around and made us little kids laugh our hearts out with his funny acts and stories.

a few years after things have changed..he did some stuff that weren't right. one mistake led to another..i knew he was given a chance to make up for the wrong he'd done but it wasn't long before he went on again with being 'bad'..

it felt sad then to know that our 'childhood champion' wasn't gonna be around anymore..i never saw him for more than 10 years already..i just hear of his whereabouts from time to time..

today is his birthday..i don't know how many in the family remembers it but i do. so ahia kakas, wherever you are, happy birthday :)..i know it ain't fun there but i hope today has brought you something to smile about. i pray for your safety and redemption. i hope to see you again :) God bless.



Sunday, December 17, 2006

tiny cactus and poema at gcf north

saya :) tagal lang natapos hehe.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

some moment that made my day :D

cguro sa dinami dami ko nang napanood na commercial, minsan feeling ko may mga instances sa buhay na parang pang commercial ang dating..hehe

nung papasok akong tektite basement parking kanina, may pretty girl na nagdadalawang isip kung tatawid ba sya o padadaanin muna nya ako..ako naman tumigil..tas nagtaka sya kung bakit la pang car dumadaan (nakayuko kasi sya)..tas tumingin sya sa windshield (as in she looked my way haha) tas binigyan ko syang signal na mauna sya..sabay ngiti sya bago tawid..WOW! kileg! hahaha!

naisip ko yung mga commercials bigla..yung mga skin kinis products na biglang napapatigil yung guys at nagiging gentlemen kasi ang cute ng girl..

syempre, i got to play the cute guy sa situation. moohoohahaha!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

saturday evening in coffee bean

i was invited by one of my blockmates/kada in college for coffee last saturday..first time nya ever mgyaya ng tambay. so i really made time to meet him. labs ko friendsters ko eh hehe..di muna ako nag m.e. session.

anyway, there i met him at around 8:30pm right after tiny cactus rehearsals. i only had snacks so i had a muffin for dinner. wow..pero masarap yung muffin. hehe..when i got there, i was surprised na may kasama pala siya-friends of her new girlfriend. it was only then that i found out na sila na..(bilis ah, i thought hehe). so we got introduced, chatted, etc..medyo shy ako eh kaya di ako masyado nagsalita..saka nalang kami ng kwentuhan talga when his girlfriend's barkada left to get dinner. we had the usual guy talk..i listened most of the friend's kinda perky (ever since) and all excited about his newfound love..we exchanged some insights..we also talked about his past relationship..why they broke up after 5 years..hmm..ayun..

he thanked me for listening coz mahirap daw mgkwento dun sa isa naming kabarkada kasi "inuman na!" "ok lang yan" lang daw ang sinasabi hehe.."wala kang mapapala sa inuman" 'ka ko.."dragon breath lang at hangover.."

na 'me-memories' din ako sa mga ganitong usapan eh..oh well..i'm happy for him and i hope he'd have a more meaningful relationship this time..

now when will i have mine?..esep esep..

weirdong panaginip..

i dreamt of yas' debut again but it wasn't any close to what actually happened last july. it was held in the clubhouse of ayala heights that looked so much different from the real one..the place was more like a venue in tagaytay highlands..hehehe

there was the band equipment setup but nobody played through it.

i was in a formal suit. i had a date then. we danced. it felt real.. and nice. it took awhile before the dance ended. then i woke up. the same friend was in another dream a few nights before..hmm..

maybe God is telling me something...i just have to wait and see..ika nga ni abing, "wag mong hanapin, darating nalang yan." tama nga naman :D

i told a friend yesterday that i have a new girlfriend already..joke lang yun haha (bilis naman pag ganun).

p.s. may nahuling daga kaninang galing talga mag setup ni rom ng mousetrap! wawang daga, a few hours to go before rom wakes up and boils your flesh up. cheers :D

Friday, December 08, 2006

RE- application day

time to apply for board exam again! i hate application have to get your picture taken, get the necessary documents, pay fees, travel far, fall in line, sweat and dehyhdrate....sigh...

it's easier though when it's the second time around :) i already have the documents with me..but i have to 'pichur pikchur' again and photocopy some stuff and pay fees..and fall in line so long for a step in the application process that only takes 3 seconds to get it done..

but it's step-STUDY.

i went straight to my uncle's house after and will spend the night here. i figured i might just end going out again at night to hang out with some friends when i went home to the apartment.

there..nothing more to is near..i'm gonna gain more pounds soon..sigh..the tacos, the lechon, and the wine..:D

and on the senti side, aynako, screw it haha.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


lablayp time delay switch OFF.. till march 2007.

have yourself a merry little la la lala....

Saturday, December 02, 2006

home on a saturday evening...

i'm usually out on a saturday's either tambay night after a band rehearsal, gig night or barkada dinner then tambay. but tonight, i'm my uncle's place. never left the house since thursday night. lots of stuff to do here actually especially for guitar players. i've spent most of the time playing around with my uncle's guitar and amp arsenal, switching from one guitar to another, plugging them to one amp and another, finding out which combination sounds best.

but it gets boring's never as exciting as jamming with a band. here i go again..i'm missing my band(s).

ok next topic..ay, i spent equal amount of time pala on the stuff above and on the internet..yes i think i'm an internet addict..i need the internet to talk to friends about my hobbies and stuff. thank God for haha.

i'm using my sister's new laptop now..trip ko lang mag type type dito kasi malambot ang keyboard syempre, nakakatuwa gumamit paminsan ng notebook computer haha..had pizza for from sicilian express with just cheese on it..pwede..:)

hmm...i'm also missing one more thing...or person...or thing...or...could be just the dim light that's making me a li'l hazy..

haay..home on a saturday evening...better sleep early to get to church tomorrow on time..hehe