Sunday, January 21, 2007

God's treat after a brutal day..

i got to eat good japanese food for free after the last day of my exam! wow!

after a bloody drafting session from 8am-6pm today, i thought of dropping by kbcf to catch the vesper service..i just took the jeepney from quiapo to kamuning, with my drafting board, t-square and my backpack. trip ko lang sigurong mapagod pa lalo hehehe...

anyway, so i attended church and was set to eat at wan chai after. nalalasahan ko na yung spareribs eh. i already even planned on asking macs to join me (para may kahati sa bayad wahahah!!) but to my surprise, tij and a were celebrating their birthdays in advance and they treated us to tempura! wow, laking tuwa ko!..favorite ko pa naman japanese food hehe..cguro naawa si God sa akin dahil harassed na harassed ako sa exam hehe.."kulang ata pag wan chai lang hehehe"..ang bait ni God talaga. syempre, di ko rin dinisappoint ang mga celebrants, kain ako ng kain :D dami kong nakain..kasi nag pigil na rin si macs eh hehe :D

hmm..last year nag T-boy ako after ng exam..ngayun upgraded na..sana yung grade ko sa exam upgraded din..

thanks tij and a for the treat :D

OT: yung pick kong hinahanap ko ng matagal kagabi na akala ko nawala na naman, pag bukas ko ng laptop ngayun, ayun..andito. naipit..i have to take anti-ulyanin tablets..

Thursday, January 18, 2007


me: "ma, i'm having second thoughts about going home again after my board exam."

ma: "why?" (mahaba pag yung exact text pa tinype ko..dinelete ko na rin kasi hehe)

pa: "ready na ka board exam? unya nganu duhaduha man ka uli?"

me: no reply.

bakit nga ba? hmm..honestly, it's the thought of having a chance of gigging before the month ends. then i thought of the things i enjoyed while i was,..uuwi ba ako?

i'll be sure by sunday night. i have an exam to think about these next three days. i'm supposed to be asleep now but i don't feel tired and sleepy yet. u might think it's probably that i'm a little nervous about taking the exam tomorrw..nah..the whole board exam thing feels just like my college life..if you fail, deal with it and move on. don't quit till you this case, pass. :)

hmm..reminds me of something else too.."deal with it and move on..." :D

Monday, January 01, 2007

it's been another year
it's been another birthday
i've come to think about
the things that came along

it's been a while so long
it's been another song
and what i had to say
i held but not today

i should not have doubted
and turned to say i love you then
but my cold feet has made me
think what if you never felt the same

it's been another season
another sun to shine
another day to see you
in a different point of view

i've come to think about
the things that came along
and what i had to say
i held but not today