Saturday, March 24, 2007

6:51-7:30 am

6:51-*oh no..6:51 na..pasok pa kaya ako..hmm medyo kinakabag ako..di nalang kaya ako pasok..

6:56-*hmm..pasok o hindi? antok pa ako grabe..

7:00-*maka baba na nga at ligo..

7:00-7:15-ligo, sipilyo, bihis.

7:15-para taxi. byahe to ortigas.

7:29:02-kax time in.

galing..umabot ako at di ako late! yahoo!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


i came late during our oath-taking 'coz i had work till 12:30 and i didn't bother to ask permission to leave work early. i didn't feel really excited anyway about the ceremony. i thought 1pm was the start of registration..turned out registration started at 12 nn and the proper event started at 1..hehe..i got there almost 2. parked and changed in the car then rushed to the grand ballroom of sofitel.

i didn't sit with the other inductees anymore as it would be so obvious that i was late.

now i don't know what to say anymore..teka..

i was so sleepy the whole time so after we took our oath, i totally forgot what i just recited. it was like, anu ulit yun? maybe i'll go through it again tomorrow..mahirap ang manatiling clueless sa kung anu-anong pinagsusumpa ko sa propesyon ng arkitektura hehehe:)

the better part of the program was the closing remarks, the part when the merienda was served. i finished the food quickly (lasagna and leche flan which is quite good but not worth the 800 php we paid for) because i didn't have a decent lunch, only holy kettle corn while driving through edsa and roxas.

the best part was getting my professional id. it was actually given out (along with the other certification stuff) at the start of the ceremony but then again, i came late :D

we were supposed to head to makati asap after the event but dear mama misplaced my certification docs so we had to find it in the hotel. i know where i got my ulyanin genes..

had korean family dinner after getting through the walanghiyang trapik at the EDSA-ayala ave. intersection then came home..whattaday..


p.s. i experienced quiet time in one of sofitel philippine plaza's cubicles. oks din pala haha.

Friday, March 09, 2007

krispy kreme donat buy again.

i finally tasted the famous doughnut. man, it's so freakin' overrated. it's twice the price of the more common doughnuts but it ain't twice as good..haynaku..halos walang pagkakaiba. bwiset na branding yan..galing cello's pa rin ako, and the pang masa dunkin' doughnuts.

tapos yung box, napaka inconvenient dalhin..buti pa yung dunkin mas handy yung boxes..

haynaku..of course, this is just my opinion. i wouldn't be caught buying one of those again (buying lng, syempre kakain ako nun pag libre no!)..unless...

Friday, March 02, 2007

yesterday yehey!

kax wakes up at 2:50am., thinks for a few minutes why he had to wake up that early..psyches himself up to face the cold water for bathing., leaves house at 3:50am.

took a leave yesterday 'coz i needed to process my initial registration at prc. deadline's still next friday but i have a feeling it's gonna get busy next week.

but that ain't the reason why i had to wake up so early hehe.. inday rarai was arriving at 4:05am from singapore and her flight to cagayan de oro's at 11:55am. so we talked and planned to meet up and hangout. what the heck, free breakfast! haha (joke rai :D)

so i reached the airport at 4:30, rai wasn't out yet. waited for a few minutes and finally saw her with a camera backpack and a little red luggage which she asked me to 'drag' along the whole morning. (i'd definitely look cooler carrying the backpack instead but..oh well)

had breakfast in chowking 'coz starbucks wasn't open yet. headed to baywalk after so rai could practice her photography skills. wow her "baby" is nice. a nikon d80. strolled along the baywalk stretch to picc taking pictures of what looked interesting to shoot. most of the time it was rai taking the pics and i was only like "yan o, pikchuran mo yan", "ah..ok yan ah", "dun ayun! i zoom mo pa!" hahaha..(while making "guyod" the red luggage).

'tambayed' at starbucks picc after. had some tea, played with the camera, finally getting some hands-on knowledge about how shutterspeed and aperture and stuff affect the picture.

then it was time to go to the airport. i almost shed a tear when rai prayed for me before she entered the airport. almost hehe. (thanks for the prayer dai!)

ok, right after that, i had no clue how to get to prc at morayta. i took two jeepney rides to baclaran station (first time ever in baclaran), one to quiapo, then another one to morayta.

the registration process was a bit tiring. didn't know i had to pay for other stuff like metered stamps and notarized forms aside from the registration fee..after i was through with it, i texted reeh (she works at prc), told her i was in the area so we met for merienda (lunch for me). wow! treat nya lunch ko! haha..kasi pumasa daw ako ng board :D yey!

oki, time to go home. took an fx, walked a block and yey, home at last. watched one csi vegas episode with rom, changed the pose of my newly bought g.i. joe action figures then headed to bed.

slept for almost 14 hours. woke up, went to work. yesterday was good. no, it was fantastic.! :D

God surely loves me hehe.