Tuesday, May 08, 2007

goodbye cellie..

no, not cellie as in 'ka-cellgroup' but cellphone. i left my 'stunt man' cellphone in the cab last night when i got off my uncle's house..i was already very hazy then since it was almost midnight..sleepy na..it was only around 20 minutes after that i realized only 1 cellphone was left in my pocket..buti nalang hindi yung company cellphone nawala..di ko pa naman alam kung anu number ko..

anyway, back to my personal phone..i will surely miss it. i bet no cellphone today is as 'barako' as that 3310 unit. i think i've had that for at least 5 years and it has suffered and survived the consequences of being in the hands of a clumsy user. it got tossed over the bed (a few times), fell on rough concrete pavement, dropped here and there but yet, it still functioned normally. it was even efficient on being a pick case hehehe. i could put in 2 picks in that unit :D

right now, i'm looking for a brand new 3310. yep, exactly the same unit though i'm not so sure if i'd still be able to get one. also, kasi cheap na yun ngayon kung meron man hehe..

ayun..hmm..maybe i shouldn't rush on replacing the lost phone..it should be good to live without it for awhile..parang wala masyadong distorbo at didistorbohin..parang retreat hehe..

blah blah..blah.

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