Monday, July 16, 2007

hk-china experience part 1

i flew to hong kong last tuesday for a business trip. guangzhou china was our main destination. we were 'deployed' there to look for certain materials to incorporate in our RUE de CMG flagship store in trinoma. guangzhou's a 2-hour ride from hk hung hom station. the train was nothing fancy. not much to see too along the way. boring. when we got to guangzhou, we took the cab and headed to the hotel and met the china staff there. they treated us for lunch then we prepared for work after.

the cab drivers in china are a lot like the filipino taxi drivers. they too refuse to give you a ride if your destination is far and inconvenient. most of the cabs there are old volkswagen sedans. but i think they are generally worse drivers than pinoys. they park anywhere and drive through any passable road.

it's hot in china, even at night time. so while we were walking around the city looking for furnishing materials during the day, we felt like we were wearing leather pants. hayup sa kapit at lagkit. what's odd though is that upon entering an air conditioned space, the lagkit is gone. i felt like i was fresh again. maybe it's because there's less pollution stuck on our skin than here in manila. LESS LIBAG!

what compensated for the tiring walkathon under the nasty weather was the great food! AUTHENTIC CHINESE FOOD! (malamang kahit saan dun authentic kasi nasa china kami eh nyahai!) the first night we had dinner at this fastfood resto called blue and sea. it was very affordable and good too! but we found out the next day from one of the chinese staff that it wasn't really one of the clean places to eat. though i believe it's clean enough 'coz i didn't experience tummy malfunctions after.

you'd never wanna have jebs attacks in the middle of the day especially when you're clueless on the locations of restrooms within the area. first, the restrooms ain't that clean. second, they don't have water closets there! (except in hotels and high end establishments). they use bidets wherein you have to squat to poop. Thank God He sustained my digestive system well in china. hehe..

the highlight of the china experience was the last dinner. we ate at a very famous japanese resto there. it was pretty big place. but a lot of people were still waiting for seats despite the great seating capacity! there were 6 of us and we ordered 10 varieties which included a raw lobster dish. WOW! sarap nun! my boss teased me that the cost of that lobster dish would be deducted from my salary since i kinda was responsible for ordering it kung tinanong ka pa namang anung gusto mo kainin at dapat walang kahiyaan, palalampasin mo pa ba?!?! :D

there. went to IKEA (a very nice furniture shop) during the last day before boarding th train to hong kong. had lunch there at their cafe. reached hk before 6pm and headed to causeway bay where we stayed for two nights.

hk experience on the next blog :)